The audacity of hope

My thought exactly.

Doing something blatantly illegal and getting away with it is a badge of honor among thieves. I am reminded of “Guilty as hell, free as a bird”.

If you thought she was going to be prosecuted for this, you haven’t been paying attention.


3 thoughts on “The audacity of hope

  1. Clinton got what she wanted. Now we will see if a non-inditement inditement is really what she wanted. This leaves her as a wounded animal that the democrats cannot replace.

  2. I mentioned in a previous comment that during her visit with Obama a while ago that it was obvious that they had struck some kind of a deal. My assumption was that Obama would instruct his DoJ and FBI to ignore her blatant felonies in return for blanket pardons of himself and his co-conspirator if ever needed. I also assumed (given the Clinton propensity for back-stabbing) that he recorded the entire session as blackmail fodder, and would use it to hold her feet to the fire if she were to attempt to renege on the deal.

    Nothing I see now would tend to refute those assumptions, and all of it tends to reinforce them. With the connivance of the lame-stream media she’ll be in office soon.

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