Quote of the day—windowlickers

If our politicians had half a brain, combined, they’d STOP going after guns . . .

. . . and start going after munition. Regulating the amount and tracking of ammunition sold, across the country, would be a neat little step. Heck, perscritions get only so many pills. Why not cap Ammo? And if we force all shell casings to be stamped, even the home brew folks (which even the NRA said accounts for a small percentage) would be accountable. Get ranges and back yard nuts to police their brass and turn in casings to get new ones, voila, environmentally responsible AND a built in tracking.

June 27, 2016
Comment to Gun control a high priority for N.J. lawmakers today
[Simple solutions from simple minds. And total crap for brains or else a troll.

“…force all shell casings to be stamped…”? With what? And then what? And people ignore you? And then what? And what about the billions of “unstamped rounds” already in private possession?

This person has to be a troll, right?—Joe]


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  1. “This person has to be a troll, right?”

    Urban dictionary definition: window licker
    (derogatory) ~ sl.: euphemism for a person of mentally challenged status. Etymology: Derived from the stereotyped behaviour of mentally challenged people, observed to place their open mouths into prolongued contact with the external windows of public or private transport on which they are seated.

  2. Keyword: force. This person knows what s/he is calling for, and presumably doesn’t care. At least they are honest this time. It really irritates me when people couch force in terms of “ask.”

  3. Not a troll….just someone that stupid. Darwin would argue that these people should take point in the collection efforts!

  4. Isn’t this what fascist politicians in California are working on right now? And the infamous Teddy Kennedy also proposed something along these lines: a $10 tax per round, or some such infamy.
    The obvious counter is that the right to keep and bear arms means firearms, and firearms include ammunition — otherwise, as the lead CA fascist pointed out, they are just clumsy clubs.

    • The California law is background checks with ammo, I think. There is a reason they are trying to do this and it makes sense. They did a limited study in Southern California that involved something like ten or 15 gun shops. What they found when they did this is that a certain percentage of people buying ammo are felons, and that those felons have guns (which are illegal for them to have).

  5. All of my ammo is stamped, with a makers mark and caliber designation.

    But, I roll my own, so my 150 year old technology trumps her tracking technology.

  6. It’s also a blatant lie.

    Does anyone here /acutally/ think the writer would acutally give up the various background check laws, NFA regs, or (where applicable) AWBs and mag bans in /exchange/ for shifting to ammunition control?

    (And that’s not even getting into how the person is outright saying that their “war on guns” idea will be just as effective as the “war on drugs”.)

  7. I think he’s referring to the microstamping idea that California has adopted but no one can really implement yet. Never mind that about 45 seconds with a piece of crocus cloth would obliterate the markings on a gun’s firing pin and another 45 seconds or so with a file to remove the breechface markings. Those markings are intended to “stamp” the case with some teeny identifier so authorities can find the gun based on the empty brass left behind.

    Also never mind that a clever criminal could obtain a pocket full of brass from a range from various different guns of the same caliber and “seed” the crime scene with them. Never mind that a reloaded cartridge case is already stamped and if used in a different gun would have two different markings.

    Never mind that politicians and anti-gunners have, waiting in the wings, an addendum to the microstamping law that makes it illegal to have a gun on which the markings have been obscured, removed, defaced or don’t leave a legible mark — even though it takes a microscope to inspect those parts and they could wear down (like tire tread) during use. How neat of them to charge you with failing to buy a new firing pin or new slide every couple of years.

    Oh… taxing ammo specifically is probably unconstitutional – even though we have an existing excise tax on ammo that benefits wildlife preservation. It’s like taxing newsprint or ink differently than other products. SCOTUS struck that down on 1A grounds.

    Ammo registration? Lots of paperwork for naught. The original 1968 GCA required that and it was dropped a few years later. FFL’s had binders full of information that was effectively useless. Someone killed with a .22 LR or .38 revolver? Did your suspect buy ammo for a gun he had? Maybe. But if he bought it more than 2 weeks ago you’ll have to spend hours looking through binders full of sales records from every dealer within 30 miles. Stupid idea.

    • That existing excise tax should be struck down as unconstitutional too, of course. Who perpetrated that? The NRA, right? Fools.

      Some years ago I saw a good suggestion: every time you use up half a box of ammo, buy a new box. Watch your ammo stock grow gradually and pretty much painlessly.

  8. The problem is, he’s partly right. Don’t go after the guns, that’s a lost cause. Go after the ammo. Tax the ammo sufficiently as to make it prohibitive to buy. Tax primers, powder also. What about the ammo already out there? It will degrade with time, or be shot up. Very expensive ammo, no loads for the guns unless you are rich. The ruling class is rich, they get the ammo, and the guns.

    This not a gloat, it’s a warning.

  9. Right, so they want to record the movements of billions of rounds verses hundreds of millions of guns. Whatever. Progressives apparently have nothing to do but keep lists, and obsess over what other people are doing. It’s all they have to offer. We can always ignore them.

  10. Heck, perscritions get only so many pills. Why not cap Ammo?

    Ah, so we can expect it to work as well as it does on the street trade of prescription painkillers…

  11. Stamp shell cases with WHAT?
    Several hundred BILLION rounds of ammo are made every year.
    Where ya gonna fit the serial number?

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