Steel match results

I participated in the Whidbey Island match at Holmes Harbor on Saturday.

The weather was good. The stages were good. The people were fun to hang out with. I had a really good time.




WP_20160625_11_41_56_ProDouble tap both white targets then hit the stop plate.


Here are the results:

Shooter Division Time
Brian Lawson RF-RI-O 41.74
Steve Mooney RF-RI-O 41.85
Brian Lawson. RF-O 47.68
Steve Mooney RF-O 47.79
Jeff Kanter RF-RI-O 48.40
Dan Lavaty RF-RI-O 60.81
Lance Bakken RF-RI-O 62.24
Ken Loucks RF-RI-O 70.12
Joe Huffman RF-I 72.03
Jim Dunlap RF-RI-O 72.14
Jeff Komatsu RF-I 72.33
Jim Dunlap RF-O 74.46
Thomas Alldredge CF-O 77.29
Joe Huffman CF-I 85.14
MAC RF-RV 91.42
Dan Lavaty CF-RV-O 92.51
Lance Bakken CF-LR 93.29
Jeff Kanter CF-I 98.25
Jeff Komatsu CF-O 100.42
Scott Bertino CF-RV-I 114.88
Rev Barchenger RF-O 122.47
MAC CF-RV-I 158.72
Ken Loucks CF-LR DNF

My average time per hit with rim fire iron sights was 0.7203 seconds. With centerfire iron sights it was 0.8514 seconds. At the state championship the week before the average times were 0.5758 and 0.8003 seconds. The stage design makes a big difference. These stages generally had much larger transition distances.

Jeff Kanter was at both matches and Saturday he commented on how well prepared I was for the rain in Ephrata at the championship. I gave Barb all the credit.