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Via Say Uncle: What Will Gun Controllers Do When Americans Ignore an ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban?

In the states that have such bans what the gun controllers did when 85%+ of citizens ignored them was declare victory and ignore them back. I suspect this will only last for a while. Eventually the laws will have to be repealed or things will get more and more tense.

Our job is to continue changing the culture by taking non-gun owners to the range and being open about gun ownership in hopes of decreasing the tension.


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  1. They will do what SJWs always do:
    They will lie.
    They will double down.
    They will project.

    Wash, rinse, repeat.

      • Lie: They will say compliance is much higher than it really is in an effort to shame those that don’t; will will say the costs are lower than they really are; they will showcase the few “successes” that result and say that it’s just the tip of the iceberg; they will say it’s proof that gun-owners are not the law-abiding citizens they always claim to be (which is why I prefer the term “productive citizen”), etc.

        Double down: They will call for more laws, more enforcement, and call us more names.

        Project: They will accuse gun owners of being liars, dancing in the blood of innocents killed, of being law-breakers, etc.

  2. What I do –
    1. Find young, first time and new shooters. Make sure they have a good time at the range. Explain how hitler/mao/stalin/etc took the guns and killed millions. Offer to help them learn more about shooting and self defense. Rinse, repeat.
    2. Make sure reps at all levels know that control/confiscation will not be
    tolerated. I’m not afraid to engage my sheriff, local, state and fed reps. I
    tell them exactly where I stand. Rinse, repeat.
    3. Track, forward and reply to important legislative activities. (see step 2)
    4. I personally do not engage the enemy directly. They are illegitimate. I stay on offense, always.


  3. “If you pass laws that people have no respect for and they don’t follow them, then you have a real problem,” Connecticut Sen. Tony Guglielmo (R-District 35), told the Hartford Courant when large numbers of state residents flipped the bird to lawmakers and defied the new gun law.

    That’s a fine article, as far as it goes. I sometimes sense, though, that we’re that ward of rabbits living on the farm in Watership Down, never willing to address directly the problem at hand.

    It’s well and good to discuss the terrible fall-out of passing unconstitutional laws, but for some reason, as a country, we’re unwilling to admit that we have criminals in high office, willfully violating every principle and every constitutional protection they swore to uphold.

    So long as there are no successful, very public, criminal prosecutions of legislators, and of the cops who attempt to enforce these laws, the problem will continue to grow. Change the subject, say whatever you will about whatever you wish; the problem will grow as long as the enemies in positions of power inside our own country can avoid paying the price for their crimes.

    At the moment, the very worst that an anti-American, anti-constitutionalist, enemy-of-the-state legislator could anticipate in response to his fighting a war against America from within, is to be voted out of office at the end of his term, take his pension and go into journalism or on a speaking tour, or settle down to a position at a university or a lobbying firm. Things will change with public canings, and hangings, of politicians who seek to deprive rights under color of law.

  4. Doubtless they will expand the Terrorist Watch List and the No-Fly list. Also any name ever sent through NICS will have to undergo a Colonoscopy-level investigation, including searches and seizures.

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