I want a set of these

Prosounds via Indiegogo is funding the initial manufacturing and marketing of these:


This is hearing protection (30 db) and enhancement (they claim “6X” which I suspect means about 8 db) that fits in your ear. The difficulty of getting a good check weld on your rifle will just go away but you can still hear and have good sound protection. You can wear whatever hat you want with them and you can carry them in a small pocket wherever you go.

Their media release:

Media Contact: Greg Duncan
Blue Heron Communications
(800) 654-3766

ProSounds Launches H2P Hearing Protection and Enhancement Earpieces via Indiegogo
Supporters offered opportunity for steep discounts

DRAPER, Utah (June 22, 2016) – ProSounds® Powered by Axil continues its mission to bring the most advanced hearing protection and enhancement devices to the civilian, industrial, shooting and military/police sectors with the launch of the H2P Earpieces on Indiegogo. Consumers can receive the H2P earpieces at a discounted price.

Supporters who back the ProSounds Indiegogo campaign will enjoy discounted rates that increase along with the amount of product purchased. Consumers and businesses that take advantage of the larger packages will receive the greatest savings. The Indiegogo campaign begins June 22 and will run through July 22.

“The H2P earpieces will change how people protect their hearing,” said ProSounds President and Founder Weston Harris. “They deliver high-quality, high-tech hearing protection and enhancement without the inconvenience of bulky head muffs or uncomfortable behind-the-ear devices. Lightweight and low-profile, the H2P will benefit anyone who experiences loud sounds throughout their everyday life.”

Designed to provide 100 percent digital protection and enhancement in one simple device, the new ProSounds H2P earpieces represent the newest advancement in hearing protection. Engineered with Lynx™ Digital Sound Clarity for optimal performance, the H2P earpieces deliver amplification of up to six times higher than normal hearing while simultaneously blocking any potential damaging noises in excess of 85 decibels.

The H2P earpieces are small and discreet and feature adjustable volume control, which allow users to easily select their preferred hearing level for each ear. Three styles of tips with the universal SecurFit™ design allow for all-day comfort whether at the range, workplace or in the field. Perfect for hunting, shooting range sessions, sporting events, concerts and industrial workplaces, the H2P provides the best digital compression hearing protection technology available.

The H2P earpieces are a great option for anyone who needs quality hearing protection and enhancement. With damage to hearing beginning at 85 decibels, 140 million Americans put their hearing at risk while at work, shooting ranges, hunting trips, sporting events and more. Designed with a comfortable fit and featuring high-quality digital compression, anyone who experiences loud noises can benefit from the H2P earpieces.

Axil, parent company of ProSounds, is the industry leader of hearing enhancement and protection technology, and has been helping people around the world improve and protect their hearing for over 57 years. To learn more about the ProSounds H2P Indiegogo campaign, please visit Indiegogo.


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  1. 3M (aka Peltor) has a similar product called LEP 100. Pricing is … well… 3M/Peltor level.

    I’m always a bit wary of earplugs only for rifle. I’ve read that vibrations transmitted through the earlobe/cartilage (without earmuffs) can still lead to damage.

    But I shoot mostly in the worst conditions possible: SBR with muzzle breaks + indoor/underground with no sound dampening material on walls. Which makes me biased towards heavy attenuation …

    • Would that be Peltor TEP-100?

      Available from Amazon for under $250 with coupon.
      (FYI, here in Oz, they are over AUD$600. That’s, roughly, USD$450.)

  2. I have a set of the Peltors – bought them at a great discount from Enviro Safety Supply. I haven’t yet shot with them, but I have worn them around the property and the amplification of critter sounds is pretty decent. Nice thing about the 3M/Peltors is that they are rechargeable, in their case, from either a couple of on-board AA batteries or plugged into a USB port.

    They have a bit of that raspy digital sound, but would still be of benefit for hunting (or for locating where someone is sneaking around your house at night.) I wish I had them when I was pig hunting in Texas a few years back, shooting from an elevated blind constructed of sheet metal – regular plugs muffled oncoming hog noise, and muffs were pretty constricting.

    The Walker Game Ear plugs have been around for years, but their prices are pretty astronomical.

    I also have a set of the muff-style hearing protectors on order from ProSounds through a Kickstarter project. Again, these are marketed as being an advanced ear pro, along the lines of a Peltor (which I already have) but for less expense.

  3. Looks interesting.

    I haven’t worn any protection in the field while hunting because it destroys almost all perception of direction. How is the state of the art going on that front? I don’t know. Range shooters may not care a whit, but once you’re out in the field, IT MATTERS.

    They don’t say in the press release where these are being made. I was never a “Rah rah, America” shopper, but I don’t like supporting communist salve masters either.

    • I too don’t wish to feed the dragon, so I asked them. Parts are sourced in “Asia” (no details but you can guess) and assembled in Utah.

      • Try to find these types of parts manufacturers in America, I did a few years ago for a project and had no luck. My project didn’t get off the ground, but it was interesting to me that relatively small run miniature electronics is essentially all Asian sourced now.

    • The Walker’s Game Ear plugs were designed for hunting, and I believe are US sourced, especially given their price. They’ve been around for years and years.

  4. There have been a number of active, in-ear hearing protection crowdfunding attempts (and successes) of late.

    I wonder why.

  5. I’ve got a set of the etymotic gunsports that I love. They’ve held up in manufacturing settings as well as on the firing line and in the field. I even wear them walking the dogs. They are a bit spendy though.

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