Quote of the day—Elizabeth May

It’s horrific that such weapons exist.

Elizabeth May
Leader of Canada’s Green Party referring to AR-15s, the most popular rifle in the United States.
June 16, 2016
Canadian gun enthusiasts and their truly bad timing
[Don’t ever let any get away with telling you no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


15 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Elizabeth May

  1. I believe the Canadian army uses the military version to protect her freedom.

  2. What does she think of nuclear weapons?

    (Rhetorical… I think we really know the answer to that question)

  3. It makes sense; “green party” is the current label of what used to be the “socialist party” or “communist party”.

    • Absolutely. The commies much-preferred use of the AK for subjugating the masses.

  4. You know what? You (she) are correct. It is horrific. It’s a violent place and not just us. Animals eat other animals, some plants strangle others, some things inject toxins into other things. Try living a week in the amazon with a tent and some energy bars lady. Some people, seeming to lack a soul, WANT to kill other people, others are just violent a-holes. We can’t go back to the garden, that time is over, poor child. Yes honey, it’s so bad, that you should probably consider getting a gun, or even two.

    • Some people say that self defense is a human right, and that certainly is true. I’ve noted that it is a natural right: even mushrooms understand self defense. (Ask any amanita.)

      • I’ve also had students say, in so many words, that humans should hurry up and die already in any conflict between wild animals (say, elephant or rhino habitat) and humans. Yes, they’d prefer humans die, even in large numbers, rather than harm animals. I usually fail to note that they do not seem to be volunteering for such activities, as that would be impolite and may be misunderstood.

        • Wimp. 🙂
          Ayn Rand pointed out (in Atlas Shrugged) that these bad guys, at the most fundamental level, are suffering from self-hatred. And that, since they don’t really want to live, they don’t want us to, either.

    • It is horrific.

      Lots of things are.

      Does that mean we should engage in wishful thinking and pass legislation that we know in advace will accomplish nada?

  5. I think it is horrific that ignorance as deep as hers exist, too.
    It’s the 21st C – the information is not hard to find.

  6. Oh, the horror.

    Author Jim Goad from Taki’s Mag pretty much wraps it up — I’ve Met the Enemy and He Is Easily Terrified:

    As someone who traffics in words, particularly how people toss them like rocks at one another in the culture wars, I’ve noticed that two of the left’s favorite words over the past few years—“problematic” and “unacceptable”—have yielded to the starker and more panicky “horrifying” and “terrifying.”


  7. What happens to disarmed populations is even more horrific.

    “He who hath not a sword, let him sell his garment and buy one” – Jesus, talking to his disciples, prior to being arrested.

    Some of the less attentive Christians would counter with another quote of his; “He that lives by the sword shall die by the sword”. What they miss is that there is no contradiction in the two quotes. They refuse to admit, or cannot understand, that one may carry a sword regularly and not “live by” the sword (living by way of violence, intimidation and threats, i.e. living the authoritarian system). And so it is perfectly consistent that the Prince of Peace would eschew the authoritarian system (which he did by name at least once) and recommend going about armed, with such urgency that he says you should sell your clothes if you have to, in order to afford a weapon.

    No Progressive can understand this, and practically all “Christian” churches are infected with Progressivism. Therefore they’ll engage in the most impressive twists of logic and word play to wriggle out of the concept of being a non-authoritarian, well and properly armed, in an authoritarian world.

    Of course any authoritarian would see a generally armed populace as horrific, because it denies the Supreme Authority of the ruling class and acknowledges the sovereignty, freedom of action, and both the right and responsibility of the individual for self-government. The authoritarian system stands in opposition to all of that, which is why we have the Bill of Rights, and why we’re supposed to have a republic instead of a democracy.

    • Rolf, time to finish that book…
      Yes, “live by” in that quote is, in essence “make a living with”, i.e., it refers to professional arms users. And certainly the quote is accurate for soldiers (and, of course, for professional criminals).
      Shortly after the “go buy a sword” the disciples come back and show what they bought, asking “is this ok?” They are told “yes, that is adequate”.

  8. Right, Jesus was referring to the centurion and his men, that had come to arrest him in the garden, as those living by the sword. He was pointing out to his disciples (who were under foreign occupation) that the soldiers in front of them were authoritarian scumbags who were ‘just following orders’.

  9. It is horrific that the Green Party exists.

    There. Fixed it for you, Elizabeth May (aka communist scum).

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