Quote of the day—Steve Chudomelka @Chugglebutte

@awebbiz You know what they say about the guy with the big barrel!*

* – He got the tiny wee-wee.

Steve Chudomelka @Chugglebutte
Tweeted on January 1, 2016
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday! Via a tweet from @Duck_Hunter7.

We have SCOTUS decisions. They have childish insults.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Steve Chudomelka @Chugglebutte

  1. Yes, we have supreme court cases and they have childish insults… so why do they keep using them, and why are we on the defensive so often?

    When trying to convince people there are two ways to argue: dialectic (logical arguments and reason) and rhetoric (appealing to emotion). We tend to heavily favor dialectic. The problem is that many of of the anti-gun people either don’t care about the logical arguments or don’t have the intellectual capacity to follow them, but for whatever reason they put much greater emphasis on how something FEELS. They simply will not be swayed by logic. They see you and I not as intelligent opposition to be debated and respected, they see us as cold-hearted, unfeeling, arrogant clods that would rather see more kids die than give up our toys.

    They use school-yard dick-jokes because that is the level of discourse that they are used to and influenced by. We have the winning dialectical arguments, but it’s like great (non-silver) bullets in a werewolf war. We need to use better rhetorical ammunition, however, kill-shots they WILL care about. Telling them they’d much rather be a kuffir living with Muslim masters than live with gays, which is why they are so hell-bent on importing more middle-easterners may or may not be true, but it forces them into making an uncomfortable choice between “special” groups. The last thing they want to do is make uncomfortable choices. In fact, their whole world-view is built around the goal of avoiding having to make uncomfortable choices, or even acknowledging they exist.

    • So if I understand you correctly, you’re saying that you have an extremely small penis and so you’re resorting to your white man’s weapons (guns and reason) to distract yourself from the shame of having a small penis, and then you’re using the internet to lash out against women, Muslims, gays and minorities. Exactly what I would expect from having listened to the news. ; )

  2. Nah, I’ve heard several really great responses to this sort of nonsense.

    One is: “You claim gun owners have small penises. How many have you measured lately?”

    Another is from Oleg Volk’s site: “Yes, a big gun compensates for a small penis. That’s why I carry such a small gun.”

    Or we could use logic — a risky proposition, I know — and say “Oh, so you mean that all policemen and Secret Service are recruited for small penises. Got it.”

    Or we could use The Cornered Cat’s approach, and ask “So what are the policewomen compensating for?”

    Or we could ask: “So, if YOU were to go out and buy a gun, are you saying that your penis would shrink? And then it would grow again if you sold the gun?”

    • I’m also fond of the response, “If guns are a penis substitute and you will not own one, doesn’t that mean you want to have your penis removed?”

  3. Even more telling is that he is too embarrassed to use the proper name for the sexual organ. I mean come on, “wee-wee” says it all about his maturity level.

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