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  1. Very true.

    What’s as alarming is that this same “president” has lost (never had in many cases) the allegiance and support that sitting Presidents gain from even the opposition. To many he’s a representation of everything that’s wrong with government, the professional political class and the absolute and endemic corruption of DC.

    • “What’s as alarming is that this same “president” has lost (never had in many cases) the allegiance and support that sitting Presidents gain from even the opposition.”

      Don’t know where you come off saying that. The GOP controlled Congress has given Obama everything he ever wanted and more. I don’t recall another president getting by with so little opposition.

  2. “It’s alternately terrifying and…”

    It seems there are a lot of terrified people out there. A terrified person is, ipso facto, a controlled person. I’d like to see a real war on terror (an organized campaign against an emotion) but it wouldn’t look like anything you’ve seen, or likely heard of, before.

    A terrified, angry person is an utterly useless (or rather, utterly controlled) person. It’s interesting how “both sides” in our political discussion attempt to make people frightened and angry.

    • That’s it!
      I’ve been saying this since long before barry husein. Be afraid, but government will save you, but be afraid.

      News Flash; Nobody’s coming. Now, proceed.

  3. …or, as I saw today on Facebook (paraphrased):

    When is our President going to tell his Islamist buddies to stop clinging to guns and religion?

    • Never.
      You can be XY and self-identify as a female, and we must accept that.
      You can be white and self-identify as black, and we must accept that.
      You can self-identify as gay, and we must accept that.
      But if you commit an act of terror and self-identify as Muslim, then your identity will be stripped, suppressed, and denied as not “true” Islam, and there will be loud calls to not tar the group with the actions of an individual.
      But if he commits his act of terror with a gun, then all gun owners will be slandered and shamed for the act, and group identity will be spread far and wide and often.

      I’m tired of being on rhetorical defense. We need a better offense…. Need being the mother of invention, I’m working on it. What are YOU working on?

      • I think, just say, “NO!”. “You will not blame me or hundreds of millions of other gun owners for this atrocity! We, as a group, did NOT do it. And we do not bear any of the responsibility any more than all Muslims bear the responsibly for the Orland shooting. Nor do all gay African Americans bear responsibility for the Beltway Snipers. Nor do all black police officers have a responsibility for the murderous rampage the Los Angles cop went on in February of 2013. That you are attempting to blame us for this demonstrates your prejudice and if you can’t recognize your prejudice for what it is that makes you a bigot as well.”

        The best defense is a good offense.

        • But that’s not offense. That’s waiting until the accusation is thrown out, then trying to (ahem) shoot it down. Offense is doing / saying something that they have to respond to, or they lose by default. If you sue someone and they don’t defend themselves, you win by default. ergo you must fight back (defend yourself). I’m tired of metaphorically going to battle, fighting hard, and just ending up where we started. we need a method to push back, make THEM respond and defend, where if they “win” they haven’t lost ground, but if they lose they actually lose.

          • Take new shooters to the range. Encourage friendly legislators to introduce “reform” legislation the repeals or neuters restrictive gun laws.

  4. The reason the president likes the middle east so much more than the mid-west is that the middle east (apart from Israel which he doesn’t count) is all dictatorships, which is his favorite form of government.

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