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Via a comment from Fred we have a handy web page from NRA-ILA which will send prewritten email to your Federal Legislators and another web page from the GOA.

I added material to the NRA-ILA email to my legislators. Here is the final result which was sent:

As your constituent, I am writing you today to urge you to oppose any and all gun control legislation that may be considered in the wake of the terrorist attack in Orlando.

===== Begin personalized response =====

The Orlando shooter passed numerous background checks. “Universal” background checks could not have made a difference. A ban of the type of firearm used in the atrocity would not have prevented it as demonstrated by the fact that the Virginia Tech shooter used two handguns to similar effect.

If neither background checks or a ban on guns could have prevented this and yet legislators push for these laws I have to ask myself, “Why? What is their motivation to do something which cannot prevent such a tragedy in the future?” The only answers I can come up with is that such legislators are insane or evil.

The one thing that could have made a difference is for the staff and patrons of the club to have been able to defend themselves. As is nearly universal in mass shootings this was a “gun free” zone, mandated by law. These enabled an individual intent upon murder to do evil. If you believe legislation is required to “do something” then I ask you to urge the Florida state legislators to allow their citizens to defend themselves.

Yes, alcohol and guns are not a good mix. But other states, such as Idaho, allow guns in establishments which serve alcohol without undue problems. And all states allow people to drive to and from such establishments. Via social pressure we encourage “designated drivers” who don’t drink and drive to mitigate the risk. We can do the same for those able and willing to defend innocent life. These might well be called, “Designated defenders”.

===== End personalized response, Resumption of NRA message =====

Anti-gun elected officials are using this tragedy as an excuse to pass and promote their gun control agenda. The anti-gun proposals include: the reinstatement of the failed federal ban on semi-automatic firearms; increased federal funding of gun control research; a policy to use secret government lists to deny Second Amendment rights; and the creation of federal registration scheme.

While I do not condone the heinous acts that occurred in Orlando, this knee-jerk reaction by anti-gun legislators will only infringe on the ability of law-abiding citizens to exercise their right to self-defense.

Please stand up for our Second Amendment rights and reject any and all calls for new gun control legislation.

Thank you, and I await your response on this important issue.


3 thoughts on “Contacting your Federal legislators

  1. Thank you, Joe. I have “borrowed” that to send to my own congresscritters. Unfortunately, my rep is Lloyd Doggett, so he’s likely not going to listen.

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  3. A couple of talking points come to mind to counter the victim disarmament policies once again being pushed by the forces of evil:

    1. “Close the gun show loophole”. The terrorist bought his guns from an FFL, with a background check.

    2. “No fly no guns”. But the terrorist was not, at the time, on any watch list.

    3. “No guns for terrorists”. But he had not been recognized as a terrorist.

    4. “Regular people should not have guns”. But those would would try to go that far say “guns only for trained professionals”. And since rich leftists are hypocrites who want to be defended while rendering the non-rich defenseless, they want security guards to be armed. The terrorist was a licensed security guard.

    5. “No large magazines”. But the terrorist fired well over 100 shots. Clearly he reloaded a number of times without being stopped. He could have reloaded 3 times as often just as easily.

    I could go further. For example, it seems likely that he could have produced the same devastation with a bolt action rifle if a semi-auto one had been unavailable. Or, more rapidly, with a pump shotgun.

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