8 thoughts on “A Glock with a lot of clips in it

  1. The funny thing is I debated taking that exact photo with the wife and decided that it would be too stupid.

    And I said this despite knowing that nothing is too stupid for the internet.

    • Illustrating stupidity by being stupid. There’s nothing’s too stupid for President Obama and the Progressive authoritarian movement, you mean. He talks about a Glock that holds a lot of clips, and we’re going to show the idiot what he’s saying.

      I’m just thankful that the Forces of Darkness are marked with that tic which makes them say such blatantly stupid things on a regular basis. They can’t help themselves, and that is a gift to us which we should accept and use for good.

  2. ZOMG! That Glock accepts clips designed for the Russian Samozaryadnyj Karabin Simonova, inspired by the work of Nazi engineers, which used the same ammo as the more modern AK-47!!!


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  4. What? I mean, that just shows a completely bigoted lack of diversity! Where are the hair clips, paper clips, binder clips, tie clips, and clipper ships? Or even Clippy? Such a failure of imagination.


    • Whadaya want fer nothin? I thought of filling the mag well with paper clips, but I didn’t have enough paper clips at the time. I suppose you could make a “Glock” that FIRES paper clips as its projectiles. Then such terror would ensue that I don’t even want to think about it; a Glock, with a lot of clips in it, THAT REALLY SHOOTS!!!!

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