Some people want to live in a prison

Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.

Tweeted yesterday:

I don’t want to ignore the shooter’s motivation. But I want to deny him–and every civilian–the means to kill 49 innocent people on a whim.

I suppose we could get along fairly well without pressure cookers but no gasoline or matches would be a huge step backward. Let alone the hundreds of other things that could be used. The only place where that would even be plausible would be a prison.

I’m going to say molṑn labé to that.


2 thoughts on “Some people want to live in a prison

  1. Something that should be pointed out and mentioned at every opportunity:

    Most victim disarmers argue that guns “should be restricted to trained licensed persons”. The police is listed as such a class; normally “licensed security guards” are, also. (And that makes sense; how else would hypocritical politicians and millionaires get their private security guards?)

    An example of a licensed security guard is the terrorist who committed the Orlando massacre.

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