Quote of the day—Edith McDonald ‏@LoveNOLA4ever

He needs them to compensate for his lack of intelligence,sense of self worth,pay rate,and penis size.

Edith McDonald ‏@LoveNOLA4ever
Tweeted on December 18, 2015
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

Via a tweet from Christmas Spirit ‏@Duck_Hunter7.

We have SCOTUS decisions. They have childish insults.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Edith McDonald ‏@LoveNOLA4ever

  1. They aslo have projection issues.

    One kinda wonders why the victim-disarmament crowd is so fixated on penises and penis size.

    • OK I’ll bite;

      They can’t help it. The authoritarian is in some way a traumatized personality, and emotional trauma tends to awaken the sexual response. Thus, authoritarians are more obsessed with sex in general. Undisciplined soldiers, after taking over a town, tend to rape along with the pillaging. That’s an extreme example, but one that repeats itself enough that anyone can read about it. The kid I knew in fifth grade whose step-father beat him and his mother frequently also had an abnormal interest in sex. He was also a bully, which is another common trait of the emotionally abused—The father takes his aggressions out on the mother, who can’t help taking them out in some way on the children, and down the pecking order to the youngest child, who pulls the wings off butterflys…

      Ask a psychiatrist. I believe you’ll find some agreement there.

      So you end up with a culture of bullies, with deviant sexual interests and/or abuse of women or the vulnerable, who lean toward political authoritarianism and are attracted to positions of power or to those who hold positions of power. The bullied becomes the bully, spread through the generations. It manifests in different ways and to varying degrees, but almost no one escapes it entirely.

  2. With Scalia dead Leftists are hoping they can go back to having all the SCOTUS decisions, too.

  3. I still prefer the construction “We have [facts, SCOTUS decisions, etc.], they have dick jokes”.

    It emphasizes how puerile they are.

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