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In case you were wondering what the dot at the top of the pyramid of Maslow’s Heirarchy was, now you know. You’ve pretty much gotta have the cave bears wiped out and a good handle on what next year’s crop is going to look like before you can start life-flighting frogs.

June 9, 2016
Froggy Life Flight
[What happened to concern about your carbon footprint? They put more CO2 in the air with the airlifting of the frog than if they had just burned it.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Tam

  1. Depending on who you talk to here in Louisiana, we’d probably have just eaten the frog. There is no shortage of frogs in our swamps.

  2. “President of Frog Safe”? Wait; there’s an organization called Frog Safe? I suppose they advocate for special car seats for frogs, frog crossing overpasses, frog helmets and the like.

    Let’s just get right to it then; Hitler was famous for being an animal lover, and I believe that if you look into it a bit more you’ll find something of a pattern, among mass killers and other psychopaths, of showing more compassion or tenderness for animals than for humans. Just sayin’.

    • You always have these grim scenarios, but you never have the balls to advocate proactive response to them. Just sayin’.

      • What exactly do you believe I should be doing (assuming I had balls)?

        I call things as I see them. Are you saying I should keep my mouth shut unless I’m willing to single-handedly fix every problem I see in the world?

        Or do the things I say make you nervous, and you’re just wishing I’d shut up?

        In this case there is no scenario involved, that is, if I understand the meaning of “scenario”.

        It is a fact that overt or outspoken animal lovers are often disturbed people, or that disturbed people are often animal lovers, and by “disturbed” I mean hostile or even dangerous to other people. That’s not a scenario, it’s a tendency or a trend or a personality trait.

        Sorry for observing it and not fixing it. It’s a warning. I may be able to see a storm coming, and I may be able to warn people about it, but I guess I don’t have the balls to stop a storm. And since I can’t stop a storm I should shut up about it?

        What’s your point exactly?

  3. It’s not like the cult of Global Warming actually believes that shit.

    Like so many of the more “progressive” churches here in the Northeast (can’t speak how churches are run elsewhere) the Bible is only trotted out as a cudgel to be used for the cause du jour.

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