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As it looks, nobody will have to fight the government. It will likely self-destruct all on its own. Whatever is left of it will have to rush to the cities to try and save the rabbit herds from the savages there. By that time, the rabbits should be so fully on the run that freedom will return all on its own.

Sit by the river long enough, and the bodies of your enemies will float by.

Anonymous Conservative
May 31, 2016
Militias On The Rise
[Interesting perspective.

This seems to be applicable to Hillary and Bill. They have been the enemies of freedom since at least the mid-1990s. If the investigations go well and prosecutors aren’t held back we may just see, metaphorically, “their bodies float by.”—Joe]


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  1. The Progressive theory is that it goes the other way, that their Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside Out model (which has been successful before) will have us self destructing, not only leaving them to take over but having many of us demanding they take over.

    In fact it can go both ways at once, and I say it has been happening just like that. Government is self destructing (though we pay the bills) and many of the People are self destructing.

    In a game of seeing who can be induced through slow rot to self destruct or implode first, who is the good guy?

    Liberty doesn’t happen all of itself, by default. It requires some body of people who are dedicated to it, able to articulate it, and willing and able to fight for it, risking their lives, fortunes and sacred honor. It requires absolute clarity of purpose.

    What tends to happen by default is some different form of tyranny replacing the former one– The names, borders and banners change, but the tyranny lives on like a virus killing one host while infecting another. If I had to bet, based on my understanding of history and my observations of human nature, I’d say that’s our fate. We may very well see our enemies’ “bodies floating down the river” only to face new, stronger ones, or to supplant our enemies ourselves, taking over where they left off.

    • In Anonymous Conservative’s view the “r’s” (rabbits) will die off as government becomes unable to supply them, essentially, unrestricted resources. In such a world AC believes those remaining will demand and create a competitive environment (one could interpret this as a free market, but I’m not sure) to replace the existing system.

      Do I believe it? I don’t disbelieve it. But I’m far from convinced it’s a certainty.

      • The plan is that the “rabbits” will serve as a de facto army for the Progressives, robbing, looting and killing until “the remaining” demand “action” will will, so goes the plan, result in their desired authoritarian system.

        Top Down; government interference making it more and more difficult to be self sufficient. Licensing, taxation, restrictions, red tape, more immigration than the society can absorb, tampering with the currency, energy, agriculture, transportation, medicine, et al, ad infinitum. This has already taken myriad forms and is approaching its zenith.

        Bottom Up; that’s what we’re discussing here. It’s the de facto army of protestors, criminals, desperadoes and thugs. The angry poor, those fooled into believing this country is fundamentally racist, sexist, etc. This too is developing apace.

        Inside Out; Eventual nation-wide demands that “something be done” about the rising tide of chaos. That’s the common call for a strong man. Government clamps down, declaring the Bill of Rights to be a wonderful document and all, but unrealistic given the circumstances (which they created, and by the way we let them do it at every stage). Reset; the system is “collapsed into a new system” (their words) meaning some form of totalitarianism such as we’ve seen many times already.

        Most of the chess pieces are in place. All we need now is a trigger; some wide-scale incident or disaster, real or fabricated it doesn’t matter.

        And let’s not forget foreign enemy action, which will come down at the same time. America’s enemies won’t sit back and wait for the attrition of the rabbit population. They’ll strike at the moment of greatest perceived weakness, recruiting the rabbits as they go.

        Take a loser with no hope, put a Kalashnikov in his hands, promise him what you need to promise him, convince him he’s a victim of America, feed him enough to keep him on his feet, and you’ve got a potential army of millions.

        This is all common practice. How that automatically results in a rebirth of liberty I’d need to have explained in detail.

        The founding of America was the exception rather than some automatic result of conflict or tragedy.

        Then again, George Washington reported having a vision in which he was told that The Republic will endure as long as there are stars in the sky.

  2. Why am I constantly reminded of the short story “Why Must They Always Have My Face” by Dean Ing?

  3. What does it say about the PC culture of today, that you had to add “… metaphorically ..” to that last sentence?

  4. Why would the destruction of government be any different than a major natural disaster (or any other disaster for that matter) that renders government unable to help?

  5. Joe:

    You note, “If the investigations go well and prosecutors aren’t held back…”. Given Obama’s endorsement of the Shrew yesterday I think we can easily deduce that there has been given a quid pro quo. Obama will instruct his Department of (In)Justice to bury the FBI’s investigative results; Shrillary probably agreed to issue blanket pardons (if ever necessary) to any and all of Obama’s apparatchiks, and to Obama himself, as the horrific level of corruption (even beating FDR’s record) becomes clear.

    Given the Clinton’s track record of issuing promises and then breaking them it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Obama actually made a record of their agreement with the Shrew’s knowledge, knowing it would be useful later if she hesitates to issue those pardons.

    Watch the original “Manchurian Candidate” (the Lansbury/Sinatra/Harvey 1962 version) for one of the best depictions of Shrillary ever given (done by Angela Lansbury and filmed by a prescient Frankenheimer). The scene where she describes the post-election victory is particularly telling: “We’ll be swept into office with powers that make martial law look like ANARCHY!”

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