Quote of the day—Brian Anse Patrick

As a scholar of propaganda, I must agree that history may resemble creative writing more than any sort of historical reality. We live daily with Orwellian revisionism.  But just as Haag accuses Winchester and Colt’s of manufacturing a gun culture mythos, Haag appears to be engaged in the business of manufacturing an antipodal Sarah mythos by the decidedly ahistorical methodology of free association.

Brian Anse Patrick
June 2, 2016
Review of “The Gunning of America”
[As Sean D Sorrentino said in the comments, “Ouch!”

See also what Sebastian and Clayton Cramer have to say.—Joe]


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  1. Or, to reference what Billy Danreuther said about Mrs. Chelm in “Beat the Devil”,
    ‘Let’s just say that Dr. Haag uses her imagination rather than her memory.’
    Or her powers of research.

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