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      • Hey, my daughter’s AR identifies as both black AND pink, although deep inside, like inside the barrel, it’s a little bit chrome.

        My daughter loves and accepts her AR for what it is: multi-caliber. Says so right on the side of the receiver.

  1. Hmm, so what does it mean, Shaun deleted all of his tweets regarding his use of firearms. He sounds confused.

  2. what does it mean when a white women shoots a pink gun? or, if a black man shoots a white gun?

    oh, life is so horribly confusing, … , for some people, at least.

  3. I guess my response to that would be, “So what?”

    If I got my kicks out of any other sort of deviant sex, this twerp would probably applaud my free spirit and constitutionally-protected right to do so.

  4. Anybody happen to have a screen capture of Shaun’s tweet he deleted?

    • As Barb and I were discussing this morning (as well as many, many times in the past), “You shouldn’t try to make sense of crazy.”

    • I’m pretty sure that everything, to those on the left, is racial-psychosexual, so why should guns be any different?

      No matter what it is, there’s a racial or sexual component to it;
      “Storm hits Gulf Coast; Women and Minorities Hardest Hit”

      You know; stuff like that. Doesn’t matter what, it’s always about race and sex. So shut up, you racist, sexest, bigoted homophobes who want to poison the air and water and kick old people onto the streets with no food or medicine….

      Work the words “corporation” and “profit” into that and you’ve pretty much got it all pegged. So what’s new?

  5. in addition to:
    “…you can’t cure stupid…”
    we can add:
    “…you can’t cure asinine…”
    and we can remember that projection is a severe form of psychopathology…

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