5 thoughts on “Gun owners are peaceful people

  1. It’s a bit too many words for a t-shirt.

    Also, I’m not sure about the premise. When was the last time that infringement of any of the enumerated rights that are so often infringed on caused any significant pushback, let alone riots?

    When the 4th amendment was abridged in every airport, were there objections?
    When Kelo’s property was taken in violation of the 5th amendment, were there demonstrations?
    When the government committed mass murder in Waco, were there demonstrations?

      • Ok, but most of the loud demonstrations, and certainly the riots, are aiming to destroy the 1st amendment, not to support it.

  2. Why is it a matter of pride for gun owners that they bend over and take it in the ass? There SHOULD be riots, insurrection, and ultimately the violent death of every anti-gun parasite in the nation.

    • The reason is simple: riots are a leftist tool.

      Revolutions are a different matter, but it hasn’t reached that point yet.

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