4 thoughts on “Arrest them! #GunGate

  1. friends:

    they are better than us, so they get held to a lesser standard of behavior.

    makes sense, eh?

    john jay

  2. The best way to get rid of bad laws is to strictly enforce them.

    Oh, I forgot. We are now a nation of men and not a nation of laws with liberals.
    See David Gregory, Hitlery Clinton, and now Katie Crock and Stephanie Shit-tag.

    Shoot, just saw the point above expressed in the other post. Sorry to repeat it.

  3. There’s an new website for crowd-funded information such as Video or Audio of Hillary Clinton’s Speeches to Goldman Sachs.

    If someone initiates and people fund a bounty on information, you can earn the bounty by providing supporting evidence. There’s a big one on Nick Denton/Gawker for $50K. One of the creators is Pax Dickinson whom Gawker got fired from Business Insider over some joke tweets by Pax before he went to work for BI.

    Not affiliated, but it’s an interesting idea.


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