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If Democratic voters and party leaders are serious about winning the general election, they need to abandon Ms. Clinton’s sinking ship. The fiercely negative publicity Ms. Clinton is likely to elicit will diminish all chances the Democrats have to recoup majorities in both houses of Congress. Allowing the Republican party to win the presidency would be disastrous for Democrats—a fate that will be sealed with Ms. Clinton as the nominee.

Michael Sainato
May 31, 2016
Fellow Democrats Turn on Clinton
[I’m nearly certain all of the above is true. And I’m thrilled that someone as evil as Clinton is almost for certain going to fail in her attempt to become the most powerful person in the world.

But what I find most interesting is that nearly all people think in terms of what is good/bad for the political parties involved. They do not express concern for our country, our economic situation, or human rights in terms other than what it means to their political party/tribe.

In those, more appropriate, terms there are no good outcomes.

I’m going to keep preparing for the worst and stocking up on popcorn. My “tribe” is composed of less than a couple dozen people. Democrats and Republicans are “The Others” to me.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Michael Sainato

  1. I’d rather there be no President than have that hag occupy the White House.

    I firmly believe that she will be the initiation of the destruction of the Unuted States as we know it, most likely through onerous and unpalatable laws attacking our base rights. There will be several Governors that refuse to toe the Shrews line and she won’t take that lightly.

  2. In the end it’s always about THE PARTY, never about the country or citizens.
    Same on the both sides of the two headed coin.

  3. Hillary, unfortunately for everyone else in the world, has this election won already. She has enough votes, real or fraudulent, lined up to win in November. She will be president. Prepare yourself accordingly.

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