3 thoughts on “Just one question

  1. Joe, I really think this needs to be on a shirt!!! Can you arrange that?

    • I can arrange that right now, easy;

      Hey, Bill; put that on a shirt. You know thay sell those iron-on, ink-jet printable sheets at the office supply stores, right? I’ve used them, and within their limitations they actually work quite well. They make different types for light colored shirts and dark collored shirts. You obviously have a computer, and color ink-jet printers are dirt cheap these days, so unless Joe has an objection to it you’re all set…you need only ask for permission.

      And if you need photo editing capability, there are several free applications that work OK. I tried Gimp, and it works fine, though I know and like Photoshop much better. If all you want is regular text you could do it from a word processor or even a text editor.

      (you’re welcome)

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