3 thoughts on “Hillary’s war on women

  1. Democrats admire her for being able to go after their enemies (their enemies being any who favor the American principles of liberty). Hillary may be an evil bitch thug, but she’s their evil bitch thug, so look out!. They love the fact that so many conservatives are horrified at the prospect of a Hillary presidency. They’ll support her for that reason alone.

    Don’t forget; this is the Party that elevated Al Sharpton to star status after the Tawana Brawley incident. He’s now a permanent, well-paid spokesman of theirs.

  2. The fact that Trump will very likely “go there” in the debates will be muchly entertaining to watch. She will likely have some pat dismissive and indignant ha\\answer that would send any of the normal spineless R candidates cowering and apologizing, but Trump will fire right back and not take getting abused. It could lead to one of the most epic melt-downs in politics ever. These debates might actually be worth watching.

  3. Bring popcorn. I hope he hoists her petard and roasts it.

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