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“Gun control that works” continues, as always, to not actually work. Like Sasquatch, it’s always out there somewhere—but you never find it.

Daniel Payne
June 1, 2016
No, We Haven’t Discovered ‘Gun Control That Actually Works’
A national gun registry would be just as stupid and ineffective as Washington DC’s gun registry.

[Sasquatch. I like that. Unicorns, leprechauns, and the Great Pumpkin would also be appropriate.

The anti-gun people keep trying to ignore inalienable rights in favor of “security”, or “safety”. But, as I have been saying for years they can’t get traction in that direction either. So the motivation for gun control must be ignorance, irrational, or evil intent.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Daniel Payne

  1. At the top, at the influence, command and control level, it’s purely evil intent, and in that case restrictions on guns work to some extent every time they’re tried. It just comes down to the definition of “work”.

    If we assume that the motivation of the gun restriction movement is to reduce crime and improve public safety, we’re fooling ourselves. It is a deadly delusion. If we understand its intent we can say that, at least so far, at least in the U.S. and at least with regard to small arms, its hasn’t been very successful. Crew-served weapons, mortars and artillery and suchlike are all but non existent though, and so in that regard the NFA as modified by GCA ’68 has been very successful— They’ve effectively taken away all the big stuff and we’re down to squabbling over the small stuff while wearing a modern analog of the yellow Star of David arm band in the form of trade licensing, the 4473 registry, carry permits and the like.

    For gun restrictions to “work” all they have to do, at a minimum, is harass or impede gun owners and potential gun owners, manufacturers, etc., inducing a chilling effect against the right to keep and bear arms, increasing the cost of being armed and intimidating those who choose to be armed. If that’s all that is accomplished, that’s enough– At least it’s something. That much they have, and more. They have a whole federal department funded by way of screwing with us, for the purpose of screwing with us. That’s a might big feather in their cap right there. Funny funny, hah hah?

    Total success of gun restrictions is an enslaved society; Authoritarianism of the likes of the Soviet Union under Stalin, of North Korea, or German National Socialism, et al., complete with cattle cars, purges, mass arrests, or whatever it takes to satiate the worst, most sadistic of the power-hungry (you will note the fascination among Progressives with getting people onto mass transit, usually trains of some kind – it’s built in to their psychological DNA – it’s an integral part of the personality type). It’s been more successful in a few of the major cities like Chicago and DC, and we see the results.

    We ALL see the results, and that the restrictions movement sees it and wants more of it only proves the point; they’re intent is evil. If we want to be free of the oppression, we’ll have to first acknowledge that the movement, at its fundamental level, is an enemy of the American System (the Progressive movement is a century-old weapon in a war against the United States), and deal with it accordingly. “What’s it going to take (to deal with it)?” then becomes the next question. I would add that the gun issue is just one front in a thousand-front war, and failing to see that would also be a dangerous mistake.

  2. I’ll also go with evil intent. There is just too much obvious evidence to think that gun control works.

    So why does it hold sway at all? Stupid people who refuse to do any research on it and just listen to MSM propaganda nod their sheep heads and bleat along.

    Here is the super simple logic test for all gun haters. If a wild animal, a criminal, a terrorist, or a governmental thug is attacking you, are you better off being armed or disarmed?

    My intrinsic right of self defense supersedes all of their arguments related to restrictions on any and all weapons. If I want a katana, a phaser, a disruptor, a phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range or ah hell, claymore mines, it is none of their business, so long as I do not misuse the weapon.

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