Quote of the day—Superunknown‏ @TheCatholicBoat

@HarryThetech76 @RuncibleSpoun my hypothesis is that you’re a confederate sister fucker with a small dick, who overcompensates with guns.

Superunknown‏ @TheCatholicBoat
Tweeted on December 16, 2015
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

Via a tweet from Linoge.

We have SCOTUS decisions, facts, and rational arguments. They have childish insults.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Superunknown‏ @TheCatholicBoat

  1. Idiot is also being burned by Bernie. So detached from reality he thinks the DNC will let him win. So he doesn’t understand science or politics.

    • Well, ‘let’ might not be the operative word here. I’m still surprised the DNC even let the Haggard Queen in the door considering the amount of baggage she comes with; she must have some SERIOUS dirt on folks.

      But the stress lines are showing, and it really wouldn’t do the DNC any good for the party to fracture along Bernie/Hillary lines (let alone for her to clinch the nomination only to be indicted).

      • It was her turn. They don’t care how much baggage she comes w/. Bernie was just a pressure valve to give them some belief they have a choice. All the ‘anyone but a republican’ voters will line up and vote for her like they’re supposed to.

      • I can think of few greater and more glorious events than a hotly contested Dem convention, particularly if the FBI and DoJ deliver an indictment upon her sleaziness in the middle of the shin-dig. Watching the MSM try to spin it would be almost as fun.

        • An indictment is my most fervent prayer.
          That and an asteroid that kills Trump and Sanders at their debate should they be successfully shamed into not being cowards.

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