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  1. To mix metaphors (and movies): Nuke ’em from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.

      • True enough. I believe it is critically important to understand the difference though. It is my thesis that Rights were not created by Man and cannot be destroyed by Man.

        Say you’re living in the most libertarian society of your dreams, where human rights are vigorously and equally protected, and someone points a gun at you in a dark alley and demands all your valuables. Has that one individual killed your rights? I think we would both agree that he hasn’t. He has violated your immutable rights, and you have recourse. You have options.

        You always have options, and the best options are the ones which flow from the fact that you have immutable rights.

        In the opposite scenario, wherein you’re the only person on Earth who understands the concept of rights, you still have those rights and so does everyone else. It’s that rights are being violated wholesale. Your best options are still those which flow from the fact that you have immutable rights. Those options will of course be very limited, but still the best ones are those which flow from the fact that you and everyone else have rights. If you absolutely must die for it, then so be it. It would be better than joining the authoritarian system.

        The point is that if and when human rights become widely disrespected (and it could be argued that we’ve reached that point but I refuse to believe it) they will have become so in the hearts and minds of individuals. They still exist as much as ever.

        It’s a tough point to get across in words, but there is a distinction there that really matters. It comes down to “ultimate” right and wrong, and the notion that you can never “kill” right and you can never “kill” truth, but only mask them and confuse their meaning in the minds of individuals.

        To put it into more socially relevant terms; rights and truth, like Rock and Roll, will never die. They may go entirely out of fashion for a while but they’re always there, waiting to be acknowledged.

        • The Left treats our Second Amendment rights like bell bottom jeans and those ugly avocado green appliances of the 1970s. Out of fashion. Like it is antiquated and out of date and no longer applies.

          Meanwhile, they are all a-OK with the rest of the Bill of Rights while forgetting that the 2A is why they still have those other rights, despite our government.

        • They may not be able to take them away, but they can make it plenty uncomfortable after you exercise them in non-approved ways. And there are always people who are eager to help out.

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