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I see it in terms of political liberals, who respond to simple niceness with ever increasing demands for total capitulation and subservience under their brutal and capricious rule, and who respond to the cruelty and threat of groups like Islam with ever increasing groveling and ass-kissing. Morals, principle, it all means nothing.

Say you have no problem with men dressing as women and suddenly they demand you let those men be naked with your six year old daughter in a gym locker room. Say your religion requires those transgender men be thrown from buildings and murdered, and they will seek to import you into the country, provide you with free welfare, and give you victim status to get special privileges over real Americans. It is not logical.

Anonymous Conservative
May 25, 2016
On Violence, Amygdala, And Shifting Toward K
[While his claim about the transgender goals are less than accurate his point has a lot of truth to it. The liberal/progressives are all about tolerance and acceptance and want to politically suppress people who display a Confederate flag, deface bumper stickers of NRA members, and riot at assembles of their political opponents. All these people are, almost without exception, peaceful and law-abiding.

The progressives of the world are insistent that Muslims not be discriminated against, that refugees, consisting of a disproportionate number of warrior aged men with a demonstrated propensity for sexual violence, be allowed into their societies. Most terrorists events in the world are the work of Muslims. Nearly all armed conflicts in the world today involve Muslims on one or both sides. And drawing blasphemous cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed will get you murdered.

So what gives? Anonymous Conservative proposed hypothesis is that these people have mental issues. I have to conclude either this or that, as frequently proposed by Lyle, these people recognize Muslims as the enemy of their political opponents and hence, after a fashion, they are their short term allies.

In any case it is not logical nor does it bode well for freedom.—Joe]


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  1. Liberals and Islamists are allies because they have a common characteristic – hatred of the “other” – and a common enemy – thinking conservatives.

    • They’re all authoritarians. They’ll argue, fight and even kill each other when it suits them, just as one street gang will fight another, but against human rights and liberty all authoritarians are natural allies– They work together inadvertently, just as a wild dog might on occasion, temporarily, work with human hunters as the best means, at that moment, of getting a scrap of meat. It is The Way of the World and once you fully grasp that, many things that appeared confusing or frustratingly incomprehensible will become clear.

      To say that authoritarians have “crap for brains” is arguably true in a sense, and we can point to contradiction after contradiction, but it doesn’t address the inner workings of the mental and emotional (mostly emotional) “machinery” at play. To say that authoritarians are, knowingly or otherwise, serving evil is probably more to the point, but understanding the concept of what I’ll call “the conflict of the two alliances” puts it all into sharp focus, I believe.

      I point out also that there are plenty of authoritarians who support gun rights. For now. Some of them are hoping for chaos because they believe, much as the Progressives, communists and jihadists believe, that chaos will somehow empower them in their pursuits of their own fiefdoms and suchlike. Those “supporters” of the second amendment will turn on you in a heartbeat when they perceive that their time has come. I know you can think of at least one or two very public examples of that happening already.

  2. And drawing blasphemous cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed will get you murdered.

    In France. Not so much in TX.

    • That’s only true because of those intolerant, racist, trigger happy Texans!


    • The worse part is that in most of Europe, if it doesn’t get you murdered it is likely to get you jailed. No free speech.
      The recent mess with a poet in Germany being hauled into criminal court on the orders of the president of Turkey is a particularly nasty example, but it is only one example of a general rules that holds there. (Perhaps not quite so much in England, though it doesn’t have any Constitutional protection either, for the obvious reason that it has no Constitution.)

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