Quote of the day—Josh Barro ‏@jbarro

The NRA is backing Trump because it’s not a gun rights group, it’s a group for people who are insecure about their penises.

Josh Barro ‏@jbarro
Senior Editor at Business Insider. MSNBC contributor. Host of KCRW’s Left, Right & Center. Host of @hardpasspodcast.
Tweeted on May 20, 2016
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

We have SCOTUS decisions. The best a “senior editor” can come up with is childish insults.—Joe]


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  1. Probably also considers himself to be an impartial member of the media.

  2. Well, with such stellar insights and professionalism, he demonstrates yet another reason to not trust MSNBC.

  3. Apparently Josh Barro is secure with his penis. He regularly lets small children touch it.

    Not a joke, but a fact.

  4. friends:

    mr. barro does not make “childish” insults. he makes very adult insults, meant to demean us, and to elevate his status as one who can condescend to others, and, moreover, has the “right” to do so.

    look at your marcuse, your alinsky, and your basic marx. he insults are not made to attack us, but to empower him. this same man would love to shoot you behind the ear as you cower before him in a dank headquarters basement, …. , he views all of this as what he was born to do.

    he is, in short, an elitist asshole. do not view him as “harmless” because stupid. he is far from it. he knows what he does. precisely. view him as extremely dangerous, and prepping himself for the tasks he sees lying before him.

    we will have to deal with him. prepare for it. he prepares to deal w/ us. this is, as a matter of fact, not harmless childish insults, but, very serious war, psychological combat before the actual combat begins.

    john jay

    • If you think about it just a bit you will realize I’m playing the “diminish by insult” game against him.

      • joe:

        i have thought about it “just a bit” for the last 40+ years of so. history guy, focused on 19th century totalitarian thought, and 19th and 20th century totalitarian politics and history. i have read deeply on such matters for over 50 years now.

        none of this is a game.

        it is war, in its prelude stage.

        i practiced criminal law, defense and prosecution for 25 years. i have watched criminal behavior develop in “progressive” stages, as perps build their nerve towards greater and greater aggression. mr. barro is no damned different, as he sheds himself of his bourgeois inhibitions, and matures toward action, towards being a full fledged revolutionary.

        he is entitled to no civility, no respect. he will extend neither you nor the rest of us any of that when he is ready to act. he is a thug, and a terrorist. do not fail to remember that various nazi concentration camp commandants were intellectuals, and played a mean concert piano or violin, even as they presided over hades. the leftists are merely latter day nazi’s, and bolshevik’s.

        do not underestimate these people, even if they remind you of children. they are quite deadly. even a little rattlesnake packs a healthy bite.

        john jay

        • I’ve thought a lot about it too. Just because they are dangerous doesn’t mean that engaging his type early on his own ground is without merit. And, as if you couldn’t tell, I am preparing and helping others to prepare as well with more substantial resistance.

          • joe:

            i have noticed your involvement in the shooting sports. and, i laud it. and respect it, as you are more than “passing competent” at it. and, i visit this blog, daily.

            i think that in addition to pistol craft, you should take up the “3-gun” discipline, and introduce your readers to that. giving them good advice and insight into the practical/practicable application such a sport might have in other applications and venues. i am not much of a fan of “race” guns in the self defense arena, viewing them as being overly temperamental and sacrificing reliability for speed, but, your insights and advice on weapons could be of great benefit to a lot of people.

            you are level headed. more so than i. people would pay attention, i think, to your advice.

            john jay

          • I have, occasionally, participated in three-gun matches. But I don’t see much point, from a practical application for my anticipated uses, in becoming particularly proficient in that type of shotgun shooting. I do put a lot of effort in encouraging and enabling others to become proficient in long range rifle shooting. See also here and here.

            I don’t own any “race guns”. I shoot the same gun I carry at USPSA and steel matches. In addition, I shoot the same .22 I practice with at steel matches.

  5. p.s. in short, it is a very short psychological step from diminishing us by insult, in his perception of our relative places in the world, to killing us because we are diminished, and have no room in his.

    you may study up on your goebbels if you are not familiar w/ the technique.

    do not underestimate raging assholes like this. he just works his courage to the sticking point.

  6. I applaud your remarks, John Jay. His insults are not so much directed at us as much as to establish his credentials with his fellow travelers. They derive a great deal of fun from comments like that, all hopping around monkeylike to come up with a better insult. I admit, I used to do the same — when I was in 6th grade or so.

    I also agree that the dehumanizing aspect is a real danger.

    I also wonder what, if I was to actually have a small penis, that Trump could do about it. The alternative – Hildebeast — would only serve to shrivel the testicles and/or penis of any male who associates with her. Hell, even her husband had to seek out more appropriate companionship.

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