Departing Seattle

Friday the 13th we departed Seattle on the Celebrity Solstice for a seven day cruise to South East Alaska. We were told this was going to be the largest cruise ship in Alaska. It is quite large and even though we had one of the cheapest cabins it was, at least to us, luxurious. The glass elevators, the live tree suspended in the “courtyard”, the fountains, the lawn on the top deck, the hot tubs, the swimming pools, the food, the views, it was all amazing.





From the ship the view of Seattle and a surreal Mount Rainier in the distance made the departure almost make believe.



We lounged on one of the upper decks and watched Seattle disappear as we sailed out into the Puget Sound among the San Juan Islands.





9 thoughts on “Departing Seattle

  1. joe:

    a lot cheaper to buy a nice bathrobe and take a very hot bath in a small bathroom, windows and door closed. listen to music on the bose.

    the wonders of the big cruise ships escapes me, especially in high trailing seas and seas running in several direction. and, when some noxious bug gets up a good head of steam among the passengers.

    i’ve taken the alaska ferry up the inland passage. i enjoyed it. i don’t think i’d like the big tour boats …. i’ve watched them go by port angeles, and they are like a sky scraper laid over on its side. and, about as sea worthy.

    john jay

  2. Did it last year. Wonderful.
    Try and get the bridge tour underway.
    And yes: it is money.
    We all spend it differently.
    We all choose different guns, calibers, ammo…
    I can do what I want, and you can do what you want…or don’t.
    Isn’t freedom wonderful !!!

  3. I’ve been on several luxury cruises, in a canoe, and I approve of them.

  4. Sailed on Solstice the week before you, a Vancouver-Alaska-Seattle trip.

    Had a great time; weather was perfect, and thoroughly enjoyed the ship.

  5. My wife and I did a Med Cruise on our thirtieth anniversary. I enjoyed it an awful lot more than the Med Cruise I did with five thousand other men aboard an aircraft carrier.
    I finally learned that because it is there, is not a good enough reason to everything in sight.

  6. I’ve always wanted to go to Alaska, but I’m not sure about the big cruise ship. Post lots of pictures!!

  7. After twenty years, two tours on carriers, and seven deployments aboard four different ones, you will never see me pay money to get underway. :p

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