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  1. Well there’s certainly something wrong with the guy. Every time I think I’ve seen the pinnacle in the trend toward greater and greater sight-over-bore offsets, along comes something like this. He has risers on his rail riser. Who even makes that crap, or did he get it custom made? I’ve thought about doing that as a joke, but apparently someone beat me to it.

    Hey, if someone wants to beat this guy, call me. I’ll make you a rail riser that allows your barrel to be on the ground while you stand on a ladder, craning your neck to aim. Let’s just do it and get it over with. It’ll have a fanTAStic point blank range too, which would have to be tactical.

  2. My thought exactly, Lyle! I couldn’t tell his penis size from the photo, but the combo of a carry handle with enough riser to allow him to stand on the stock and use the scope for astronomical exploration is a hoot!

    Now, one might think that with this setup he could still use the irons, but it looks like the ultra tactical flashlight gets in the way.

    I’d be inclined to add the crap-for-brains tag to this one.

  3. He could have mounted that monstrosity on the carry handle!

    I wish we had an email to tell him how RONG he’s doing it! ; ]

  4. I’d have to say that this picture proves the opposite. To use that set-up, from cheek-weld to point-of-view, he’d have to have a face as long as a horse. Betcha his friends call him Mister Ed.

    And following that train of thought… well, Missus Ed has gone past the point of ‘Lucky Gal’ to ‘Woof‘.

  5. That scope is juuuust a tad bit higher than the carry handle-mounted Trijicon ACOG telescope I used at Boomershoot some years ago on a Colt A2 HBAR. It worked OK, if you like a tip-of-the-chin weld. but today that rifle sports a flat top upper and a 1-4 Accupoint.

    I’d need to hire a specialist to learn what that might say about my penis though. That would be too complicated for me, even if I did care.

    Some day, just maybe, I’ll have to build the ultimate AR, with a super long handguard that reaches out beyond the muzzle, you know, so you can grip it by force-stretching your support arm out freakishly long and rolling your support hand over the top to the other side. The 40x Chinese scope will of course be as tall as possible and still allow the rifle to be man-carried and fired without using a ladder or any such. It’d have to be tall because it’d have to look out over your support arm. And it’ll have to be an SBR with the handguard a foot or more beyond the muzzle, so you’d have to reach in with a special tool to unscrew the suppressor.

    And now we’re forgetting all about our penises, and about other people’s penises, aren’t we? Or is it “peni”? I never looked it up to find out.

  6. Yo dawg, I heard you liked risers, so I put risers on your risers! That way you can look through the scope while shooting from the hip!

    …I’m sorry, couldn’t resist. 🙂

  7. It looks like someone ground the ears off the carry handle, so there’d be no side support for a typical carry-handle mount.

    I wonder if this is a bubba trying to fix bubba moment.

    • I missed that. That renders the rear sight of questionable stability, since the remaining metal strip will tend to shift it if any stress is applied. Banging it into anything hard, or even carrying it by hand may bend it now. What was he thinking?

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