Quote of the day—Basepaul Season @paulbensonsucks

@SPQRzilla @TL671 @JoeHuffman @GunFreeZone president Hillary will ban guns and well finally be free of white terrorists.

Basepaul Season @paulbensonsucks
Tweeted on April 13, 2016
[This is what they think of you. And this is how they think things will go down in such a scenario.

Delusions are often functional.—Joe]


12 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Basepaul Season @paulbensonsucks

  1. I’ll invoke the words of an esteemed font of Southern Wisdom…

    “Surprise, surprise, surprise!!!”

    Delusional, indeed.

  2. And they never consider – “well, if MY guys can do what ever they wants to when they are in office, what’s to stop THEIR guy from doing the same?”

    No, they think the politics of power (and the power of politics) is a one-way ratchet.

    They are delusional, and only useful to the power-mad who views them as the expendable fools they are.

    • The problem is that the power of politics HAS been a one way ratchet for decades. The left makes some “progress” (in stealing our rights), often as a “compromise” after deftly asking for more, then taking less, but still moving in their direction, and the RINOs NEVER take it back.
      I think that both “sides” fear Trump because he has a sense of what “regular people” want (a return to freedom) and he’s not afraid to upset the establishment’s gravy train in order to give it to us. (I honestly think he shares the basic American values that the majority do and doesn’t feel a need to cowtow to the ruling class.)

        • When was that? I’ve parsed a fair amount of what he said (to the extent possible) and I don’t remember ever hearing a “make the government smaller” statement at any time.

  3. Well, I for one think that getting rid of even one color of terrorist is a good thing. Now to figure out how to eliminate the brown, black, yellow, and other colored ones. Probably take guns to do that, though.

    Or perhaps he figures that only us white terrorists will be the ones stupid enough to actually turn firearms in? All the other colors would be hanging onto theirs?

    I do suspect this – if a nationwide turn in ever was to occur, as in Australia, they would have a very difficult time in finding personnel to man the turn-in tables, after the first few get destroyed. Those long lines of weeping Australian men, turning in their heirloom shotguns, is not likely to find an analogue in the USA.

    • I don’t foresee that. There will be resistance, but IMNSHO it will be quashed pretty quickly, with only a few whimpers during the process. Far more people are interested in talking about it than will ever do anything about anything.

      (translation: I’m a wuss.)

      • If normal, calm people like myself, with everything to lose, are now considering a vigorous response to any unConstitutional nonsense like a national buyback program, I see a lot of the people resisting.

        It only takes a small percentage to use violence to end this effort. Recall how much disruption a handful of terrorists or a lone sniper has caused in recent history.

        • Well, let me know before it starts so I can go to Canada and wait it out.

  4. If President Clinton bans guns, we may finally be free of progressives.

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