Quote of the day—Mark Kelly

More people in Washington die each year from gun shot wounds than in automobile accidents. And 30 percent of them are kids … All of them were robbed — robbed of the chance to grow up.

Mark Kelly
May 11, 2016
Wounded ex-member of Congress appeals for new Washington gun safety law
[H/T to Andrew Benghazi.

Washington State reports that in 2013 (most recent year with data), firearms were involved in 10 deaths by accident, 476 by suicide, and 114 by homicide (total of 600). Motor vehicle accidents, including pedestrians, motorcycles, etc. accounted for 412 deaths.

So in order for the first sentence to be true Kelly had to include suicides. And what “gun safety law” does he think will reduce suicides? He knows better than to claim such a thing exists and doesn’t make such a claim. He implies his proposed law does this in order to further his cause. This is a deliberate deception.

The 30 percent number is a blatant lie. If you assume “kids” includes ages 0 to 17 there were three unintentional deaths, five suicides, and four homicides for a total of 12 firearms related deaths. If you include up to ages 19 (not really “kids”) you can add another 22 for a total of 34. Which, of course, still doesn’t add up to 30 percent of the number of deaths.

He claims they are set on “doing this in a way that does not infringe on the rights of gun owners.” But as Benghazi points out the proposed law is all about confiscating firearms. And Brian Judy (NRA) and Alan Gottlieb (SAF) both point out the proposed confiscation is without due process. So we have here still another lie.

Deception and blatant lies. It’s the best they have to offer. It is an integral part of the anti-gun culture.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Mark Kelly

  1. “…robbed of the chance to grow up” says extreme Pro-Life activist, Mark Kelly.

    Joe; if there were enough children dying, it would then be OK to confiscate guns from innocent citizens? That seems to be your argument. If you’re saying guns should not be confiscated because the numbers of deaths aren’t as high as claimed, then apparently you’re saying it would be OK to begin confiscation once we’ve achieved some unspecified, higher child death rate.

    So we’re telling the Progressives that they aren’t yet killing enough kids to be granted the authority they seek, and that once they do manage to kill enough children we’ll consider ceding to them all the power they wish? If I’d just come to the conversation this morning, that’s what I’d have to ask, because it seems to be all about the numbers, but then I’d want you to explain why it is you believe gun confiscation would reduce the child death rates.

    • Not at all. I did not even make a suggestion that gun confiscation would reduce child death rates. My entire point is that the anti-gun activists are liars and that they have to lie to have any hope of relevance.

      In the general population being a liar is less acceptable that advocating for an infringement upon rights for “a good cause”. If they can be shown to liars about their cause being just it undermines their entire platform.

  2. It’s pretty obvious that “something” must be done to stop these intolerable death rates. Cars should be registered, drivers should be licensed, and the driving age should be raised to 25. You should need a background check before you borrow, buy, or even move a car for a buddy. You should only be able to buy one car a year, you should only be able to buy 10 gallons of gas at a time, and of course, no high capacity assault cars should be allowed.

  3. Including “children” ages 0-19 (34 deaths) would be ~30% of firearm-related homicides (114 total), but that is just moving the goal-posts mid-sentence, since a significant portion of those “child gun deaths” will be accidents or suicides and NOT homicides. IOW, it would be ~30%, IF (and only if) we were still comparing the same data set. Switching data sets invalidates the entire comparison.

    There’s another name for the act of “moving the goal-posts mid-sentence”; it’s also called “lying”.

    It’s not any more nonsensical to say that we could reduce child motor vehicle deaths by 15% by banning swimming pools. Using these numbers (from the CDC), accidental drownings killed 1,154 “kids” (ages 0-24) in 2014, which is ~15% of the 7,614 unintentional motor vehicle deaths for that same age range.

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