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Roberts essentially told would-be Trumpistas not to bother the courts with important issues, that if you want to beat Obama you have to get your own strongman—complete with pen, phone, and contempt for the Constitution. So they did.

Ilya Shapiro
May 5, 2016
How John Roberts Begat Donald Trump
[H/T to Glenn Reynolds.

As others have said, the political left created Trump. Roberts isn’t generally considered a leftist, but he let stand a clearly unconstitutional law which was only supported by the political left.—Joe]


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  1. I thought that paragraph was the truest statement as to why the right decided to go for Trump I felt the same way. Once the rules changed then just get our emperor elected. Obama ended the Republic and it will not rise again under Trump.

  2. I think the Republican establishment (including Roberts) created Trump, not the left. The left always has been and always will be our enemies but the GOPe wouldn’t fight them. The question is how did a leftist hijack a conservative revolt? I have seen lots of theories but don’t have a definitive answer yet. The saddest thing is that when the counterrevolution comes after the Trump debacle, the GOPe will be back in the saddle again and conservatives will still have no place to go.

    • It wasn’t a conservative revolt; it was a revolt by people who were fed up with Hussein. If anything, the election season has been — or should have been — a painful lesson to conservatives of all stripes just how little they matter in the scheme of electoral politics.

      • That was one of the theories too. Might be right or not. But if Republicans are not conservatives, I am not interested. The only attraction that the Republicans ever had for me was a vessel for conservative (or better, libertarian) values. And being against something doesn’t work for me anymore. I have to be for something.

        • The purpose of the Republican Party is to make Progressivism work. The Republicans’ job is to regulate the heating of the proverbial pot, so the frog never jumps out.

          Republicans are the all-important throttle in the Progressive machine, keeping it from running off the rails, maintaining it at the right pace so as to guarantee its success.

          To support the Republican Party then, is to be instrumental in controlling and maintaining the Progressive march to global totalitarianism.

  3. I’ve said as far back as 2006 that what we were seeing was a rejection of the republicans and since there was just one other choice, we got Dems in their place.

    Of course when someone who’s not either and has a chance at winning, they pounced on it like a starving man on a canned ham.

    I think it’s ironic that one of the reasons that they keep stating we should vote for the present republican for president is because of whom will be chosen for the Supreme Court… and Justice Roberts is a Bush appointee.

    Sure worked out well, didn’t it?

  4. McThag… and others

    You have fallen for the “TRAP”…

    Just because somebody “identifies” as a Republican – does NOT make them one.

    Bush was “moderate” (a “compassionate” repub – what does that really mean?)

    McCain was a “maverick” (which ONLY meant he did NOT follow the Repub talking and action points – unless it suits him)

    And Romney was liberal (and during his time the GOPe did EVERYTHING to make sure he won the nomination)

    My point… the GOP has been hijacked and the only reason I can see for the GOPe to not support another “liberal Repub” (which is the label that many give Trump)…

    Is because Trump cannot be controlled or bought BY THEM.

    Trump’s talking points are NOT liberal…

    The GOPe… the Dems… and the new media plus the political pundits prove it by their very own opposition to it.

    “They” say that Trump is not serious… the same who had no problems with Obama going to a you-tube person who has a video of herself bathing in milk and cereal – for an interview.

    The Liberals did bring us Trump… my ultimate point is that you have not figured out yet WHO are the liberals.

    You are mistakenly buying into the idea that those with “GOP” after their name is not different than the other ones…

    Their point was made when many of them said they prefer a Clinton presidency.

    WHO… in their right mind would so so with the evidence available to them?

    Except a “true” liberal”… that is…

    • Tucker Carlson pointed out (Special Report, last night) that talking about principles and the Republican party doesn’t make much sense.

      He’s right. How many Republican politicians can you point to that fully honor the Constitution? That’s easy. Zero. (How many Democrats? Also zero.)

      Suppose you lower your standards. Don’t ask for Constitutional compliance, but merely a demonstrated aim to move the government towards Constitutional compliance, albeit slowly. How many politicians meet that standard? Zero Democrats. Maybe, just maybe, one or two Republicans.

      Neil Smith has pointed out many times that, from the point of view of supporting liberty, there is no substantial difference between the two “mainstream” parties, and he refers to them as “socialist party A and socialist party B”. (You might just as well say “fascist party A and fascist party B”.) So given that neither party has any meaningful principles, how can you label any one politician as “not a real X”?

    • Since you list every single Republican to run for president since Reagan stepped down…

      I think you’re the one who’s misdefined Republican, not me.

      It’s never been synonymous with conservative or libertarian.

      I still maintain that 2006 was a rejection of GOPe in charge, which the Dems took as a mandate. But we can’t get out from under either GOPe _OR_ Dems…

      • The reality is that the Republican party has always been a big government party. But the marketing, at times, has been otherwise. Contrast that with the other socialist party (the democrats) who have been much more consistently honest in marketing themselves as exactly that.

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