Thinking skills test: 0/10

Mike Volkerding asks this question for five points:

Please tell me how many of these violent criminals are members of the NRA…thanks.

Williem Stone answers a question requiring a number with a statement instead:

All of them, since having a gun means being in the NRA.

Later, with another five points available, Stone explains why looking at data is irrelevant in determining the level of violence in Australia:

Guns=violence. No guns, no violence. It’s simple.

Stone gets another zero for a total of 0/10 on the test.

That is the type of “thinking” our opponents engage in. Rational thought and data is irrelevant to their world view. When their world view does not intersect with real world data and rational thought you have fewer good options in dealing with them. But recognizing what options are available is useful because you now know to not waste time on other options.


3 thoughts on “Thinking skills test: 0/10

  1. Having a gun requires becoming an NRA member?!? The NRA would love to have such numbers…

    I believe American gun owners outnumber NRA members by at least ten to one.

  2. And “Guns=violence. No guns, no violence. It’s simple.”
    Wow. I guess all those millennia before gunpowder was adapted to ejecting bits out of iron barrels in the middle ages, people solved all their disputes with discussion and compromise and consensual decisions. This would doubtless be a surprise to the Britons, the Belgae, all those Ger-men in the Teutoberg forest, or to the participants in the siege of Alesia, or of Masada, just to name a few.
    As you’ve asked, “what is the color of the sky in his world?”
    Not to mention all those familial and personal disputes humans are known for.

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