15 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Shaun King ‏@ShaunKing

  1. Well, I can’t speak for someone pretending to be someone else, but I know my wiener looks NOTHING like any of the firearms I own. Or any I have ever seen. If ole Al Jolson-wanna-be Shaun has a penis that looks like a gun, he should probably see a doctor.

    Or was he speaking metaphorically? It’s hard to tell with chronic liars.

  2. I’m sure in any adult sex shop you will find a large array of things that look like and function much better than Shaun King’s penis.

  3. I have friends who run both gun stores and adult boutiques and both aesthetically and functionally a firearm is an extremely poor penile stand in. Aesthetically it loses to the Vixskin line of dildos, functionally it wouldn’t even come close to the effectiveness of a Rabbit Vibrator.

  4. It’s a distraction of course– Ignore the basic principles and redirect the conversation.

    The concepts behind the second amendment have nothing to do with phallic symbols. All tyrannies attempt to disarm their would-be subjects.

    Some idiot screams “Your mother wears Army boots!” as an insult, it’s because he’s desperate to steer the conversation away from the salient points. It’s panicked truth avoidance.

    It almost always works, too, which is why it’s so common. That’s our fault, so be careful you don’t get too smug. If no one fell for it, the Dark Side would be forced to abandon the tactic. Some of us eat that shit up like it’s candy, and so on it goes.

  5. Has the fellow considered garden hoses?

    (And just for the record: suppose he were right, and a gun DID closely resemble a phallus. In that case… so what?)

  6. Dude didn’t even make it to failing Engineering 101 and Bio 101. He bombed high school bio and shop class.

    Here those voices, ShaunKing? It’s people laughing *at* you, not *with* you.

  7. A handgun as a phallic symbol? Nah. I did have an art teacher in high school, way back in 1973, tell me that a rifle could be thought of as one. I won’t go into the details of how it was explained, but I laughed then, and still laugh now. He (the teacher) was very pro 2A. It was a joke to him too.

    The gutter insult is the last squawk from the guy who’s lost the debate. These things should not be taken lightly. Mental cases can be quite dangerous when they become unhinged.

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