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  1. I’m not saying my equipment is small, but I am a good guy. You can tell by the facts that I am married with children, paying taxes, involved in the community, and providing my family with armed protection while I belong to the NRA. I’m a very good American.

    bachety‏@mbachety what are you doing good for society? Are you a SJW or some other nonsense? Are you a Bernie the Socialist supporter, aka as a lazy thief who uses the government to steal from me, or are you a devotee to the clinton criminal killer since she has a vee jay jay? Any whining about my Second Amendment rights demonstrates your moral inferiority.

  2. And, if you’re referring to the savagery in Ohio, o Dickless Wonder, good guys with guns wouldn’t be there, as it has to do with growing marijuana.

    • I don’t get it. What does growing marihuana have to do with anything?

      • I’m just saying that it’s a situation that the good guys would avoid because of the drugs. Yet these cretins want to blame us because one of us wasn’t there to stop it. The drug angle is speculation right now, because they haven’t caught the killer(s) yet, so we don’t know the motive.

  3. It’s a curious dichotomy.

    To the typical SJW, a “good guy with a gun” has to DO GOOD with the firearm to justify the sobriquet; to normal people, if you have a gun and DO NOTHING EVIL with it, then you are “a good guy with a gun”.

    • Actually, it’s even more curious than that. It’s more of a Catch-22.

      To a SJW, if the supposed “good guy with a gun” does in fact do something good with the gun (like a defensive gun use) then they suggest he is not a good guy with a gun, but a vigilante. Because every time a gun is fired, that’s violence, and all violence is bad.

      If he had a badge to go with that gun, then he is a racist killer looking for a victim. If he didn’t have a badge to go with the gun, he is unqualified to have and carry the gun because he was not blessed by their god, the almighty state.

      Further, if he fails to defend himself or others successfully and dies, they celebrate his death as he is one of their sworn enemies.

      If he is injured but survives the encounter, they celebrate his injuries as he obviously deserved it for owning a gun.

      The only way to please the perpetually unsatisfied SJWs would be for gun owners of all types and stripes to die off and leave them to their perfect utopia. Even then, they would be unhappy, and it still would be the fault of guns or gun owners.

  4. So, since Bachety here believes firearms are code for penis substitutes, is he really speaking in code and seeking a man with a large one? Like “Mr. Goodbar” or “Mr. Big” from “Sex and the City”?
    Once again, it is somewhat concerning that a man has such an obsession with the genitals of people he does not know.😝

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