Quote of the day—LRRPF52

It is one of the most fun and enjoyable shooting events you can attend in the world.

Message posted on AR15.com on March 2, 2016.
[He was referring to Boomershoot. I haven’t attended enough different types of shooting events to confirm this but I’m willing to entertain the hypothesis. You should attend next year to test this hypothesis for yourself.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—LRRPF52

  1. Hmm.
    Trail-walk Boomershoot?
    Helicopter Boomershoot?
    Alpine Ski and Boomershoot?
    Canoe or River-Raft Boomershoot?
    Disney-style Water Ride Boomershoot?
    Roller-Coaster Boomershoot? (who says roller-coasters and highpower rifles don’t mix?)
    Cross-Country Auto Race Boomershoot?

    Hey, there’s a recurring mobility theme there, huh?

    I’m just jerkin’ your chain. It’s an awesome event and I’ve always enjoyed it immensely. It goes by too fast is all, so you need a way to alter the passage of time so we can experience three days in the course of about six hours.

  2. Boomershoot is on my bucket list. It looks like a whale of a good time.

    My lady and I recently returned from a Fast Draw event in Fort Worth, TX. Unlike Boomershoot, this is very short range, 21 feet, but it was also a whale of a good time. Walking heeled in Fort Worth is certainly worth the effort. Click over to my blog if you care to.

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