Boomershoot 2016 in progress

The first official day of Boomershoot 2016 went well. There was a little bit of rain at the very end of the High Intensity and during the Private Fireballs (we had four this year). But all the fireballs worked well. And the detonation rates were very good. For the Precision Rifle Clinic and Field Fire event we had over 95% of them detonate.

We had a minor glitch with the private fireballs. The road flares wouldn’t burn for more than a few seconds. I think they had gotten damp. Brian and I made a run back to the Taj Mahal and grabbed another box which worked well.

Below is one of the four fireballs. You can see from the top of the fireball moving to the left that we had some moderate winds:


Here are some pictures from the High Intensity event. 224 targets:


Some of the shooters as viewed from the targets:


I bought some more Boomershoot direction signs this year and we have all the appropriate intersections marked.


Tim got a flat tire on Thursday and we were short handed for setup but we got it all done anyway.

Kim got a flat tire on Friday and missed out on most of the target production. Barb took over most of the management of the production for the morning with Cindy and Bill doing the mixing for the first time. Barb and I credited the good detonation rate to their mixing and Tom doing the boxing.

It must be the year for flat tires and Boomershoot. Kevin Baker also got a flat tire Friday on his way to Boomershoot.

I overheard Brian giving Karen an overview of his speech for tonight’s dinner. It sounds really good!


5 thoughts on “Boomershoot 2016 in progress

  1. Don’t run yourself too ragged. Us slackers (and it turned out for the best that I stayed in town this week) are counting on many more years of explosive goodness.

    • I don’t think Boomershoot could happen unless we run ourselves ragged. Just this morning I was wondering what kind of advance conditioning I could do to prepare for it, including Sunday’s 16 hour day that starts with loading 800 pounds of explosives into a trailer at 6 am.

      • Actually, according to my spreadsheet we moved 990.75 pounds of explosives, plus the cardboard boxes, shrink wrap plastic, and crates from the magazine into the trailer Sunday morning. That’s well over 1000 pounds when you include the packaging.

  2. Yeah, I’d be a tad concerned about those flat tires. You know the old saying: Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Thrice is enemy action…..


    • Kevin’s occurred hundreds of miles away from the site. Kim’s occurred in route from her home over 30 miles from the site in the opposite direction from Kevin’s location.

      It seems unlikely they were related.

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