Ammunition versus training and practice

From here (via Say Uncle):

It should be obvious that choosing ammo carefully is important. But I hold the opinion that what we carry and shoot in a crisis has a lesser importance than how well we shoot it. In the final analysis, we are all pre-occupied with the wrong ammunition. We should be far more concerned about the ammo we did not fire in practice sessions that precede the day we have to shoot for real.

I am in full agreement. I have had no inclination to change my opinion since I first put up a web page on the topic in 1998.


1 thought on “Ammunition versus training and practice

  1. joe:

    i built snubby, an officers model 1911. nice pistol, light, maneuverable, and points very well. quite accurate.

    it shoots the standard 230 round ball very nicely. a little more cartridge than i want in a small pistol. (though not light weight, as the frame is steel.)

    my solution is a 200 grain lead semi wad cutter in front of a moderate load of unique. it generates about 780 fps at the muzzle, more or less, and functions the pistol just fine. very moderate recoil, and accurate. i shoot the load at the range, and i carry it as well. i figure 200 grains at 780 fps is plenty enough for anything.

    i find the british attitudes in such matters persuasive. they favored big old gobs of lead at moderate velocities, and based on their experience in close quarters matters, and the use of such loads as “fight stoppers,” so do i. i see no need for high priced, high velocity “premium loads,” when standard loads will do quite nicely. and, have.

    john jay

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