Taking sides

While I understand that losing your wife and two young daughters can really mess up your mind, that doesn’t mean the media should be putting pushing his ideas without any balance:

I find that pretty revolting to think … that younger children can walk onto a firing range,” Mikac said.

He warned against allowing children to see guns as something fun.

“I just think it’s crazy.”

This makes it crystal clear the media has taken sides.


12 thoughts on “Taking sides

  1. The gun-controllers just love to pass “cooling off period” laws, so that us hot-headed gun nuts can’t go buy a pistol when we’re angry, then proceed to off our neighborhoods. Yet, they applaud the efforts of persons who are in various forms of mental distress to push legislation, particularly if it’s to ban guns. The knowledge of any gun expert (in the media’s eyes) is instantly negated by any dimwit who had some peripheral exposure to “gun violence,” no matter how innocuous. “Saw a scary gun” trumps reams of empirical evidence.

    I think it’s time to institute a cooling off period on first amendment rights. If you’ve been subjected to a criminal event, you can’t talk about it for 10 years.

  2. I’m sorry for your loss, sir, but I regret to inform you that I do not give a shit what you think. A tragic loss due to criminal acts do not give you special knowledge of, nor permission to elucidate on my rights or what I like to do.

  3. Remember when the Left used to talk about “ultimate moral authority”? They really, really liked the idea of shutting down debate by saying that someone had Ultimate Moral Authority, and whose ideas should therefore not be questioned. (Strangely, they never seemed to advocate this for people they disagreed with.)

    In fact, some people really, really like the idea of shutting down debate, period. It’s a lot easier that way, isn’t it?

    • There is only one Ultimate Moral Authority. It is God. He is in favor of the defense of innocent lives. That is why He commands the execution of murderers among other things that prove he is pro-self defense, law and order, and pro-arms (Luke reference about selling your cloak for a sword and all that).

      Before some Bible novice says it, the turn the other cheek reference is for social slights, not life and death situations.

      So, God expects that we be good stewards of our bodies and our lives and that righteousness is expected. That means we must have the means to defend ourselves. That is the final say on the matter on unGodly and evil gun control.

    • Boy, that “translation” is a mess.
      If that petition succeeds, the French will have a concealed carry system about as friendly as that of California. I suppose it’s a start.
      I wonder how their minds would get bent if you were to suggest asking for Constitutional Carry.

      • Having “Constitutional Carry” would require that we have a Constitution that … you know… recognizes the right to “keep and bear arms”.

        Which obviously we don’t have and never had.

        • Indeed. Or any other right. So I suppose the starting point would be to adopt a real Constitution.
          Be sure to read what the authors of the Federalist Papers promised, and try to figure out why those promises were false.

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