Quote of the day—Richard Feldman

Someone ought to present both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton with the joint “Salesmen Award of the Decade.”

They have collectively achieved what advertisers could only dream about. Their ill-informed, uninformed and intentionally misinformed, anti-gun rhetoric is a caustic shot directly across our bow. If it’s political jihad that they want to wage on this, the most quintessential of all American domestic issues, then it’s political jihad they shall receive.

Richard Feldman
March 23, 2016
Richard Feldman: Obama’s Gun Issue Misfires on Hillary
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Political jihad over guns in November? Only if Hillary isn’t in shackles by then.—Joe]


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    Quote the paid gun control lobby! : ]

  2. I admire his spirit but I’m not sure what he means by “political jihad”. Convert or die? But an authoritarian is never converted to a libertarian by threats or intimidation– That’s what got him to be an authoritarian in the first place.

    If we’re going to vote and vote hard, and all that, then I suppose making that call demands you identify someone running for office who’s not an authoritarian. The concept of “Voting for yet another authoritarian like there’s no tomorrow” doesn’t exactly inspire me, nor do I hold to the unspoken idea of placing faith in a politician to get us out of a mess that hundreds of millions of people worked together, wittingly or unwittingly, to put us into.

    It’d be nice to have a libertarian in the Whitehouse, as if that alone would really change anything, and so who would that be? If it’s Trump, Sanders or HillDog then we continue down the path we’ve been on for 100 years. That leaves Cruz. Who among us has been all in for Cruz? If we can’t even name names then how the fuck are we going to get all fired up to vote like there’s no tomorrow?

    All politics is local anyway, so if you’re not involved in your state and local elections then shut up; you’re the problem. How many of you have met and spoken with your county sheriff, for example? He many can name a single city council member in your home town? Name three issues most recently debated in your state legislature. Anyone? Who is your local school superintendent? Anyone AT ALL?

    • But an authoritarian is never converted to a libertarian by threats or intimidation

      No, but an authoritarian can be … “encouraged” … to cease following his/her authoritarian instincts and respect the citizens’ rights, by providing a credible threat to his/her power (i.e. voting him/her out next election cycle).

      I for one don’t give a rip about a politician’s personal views. What I care about is how he/she will act on my behalf if elected. Those two things usually correlate, but not always.

      That swings both ways: what use is it to us to elect someone with pro-gun personal views, if they’ll be brow-beaten into voting FOR further gun restrictions once in power?

      • Is there, at this point, any reason to believe such adjustment can be made by any means short of a length of rope? And isn’t that why the right to bear arms matters?

  3. The lame stream media won’t tell you this, but not only have they (Ozero, Hitlery, et. al.) vastly increased sales to people who already owned firearms, they’ve also prompted a huge wave of new owners. (The true numbers are probably classified secret). Among people I know there were several who were lukewarm (or negative) toward gun ownership. Now many, especially women, own at least a handgun. Better yet the new owners are really learning to use them. What’s more, their eyes are now open to the overt bias (lies) of the “evening news”.
    Slightly off topic>
    Those working to disarm us must be beside themselves. You can bet their masters gave them a time line. My only concern is what the “new worlders” might do when they realize we simply won’t be disarmed… Nuke major cities? Crash the economy? EMP? Pandemic? The would be rulers of the world want what’s in the dirt beneath our feet, our mountains, our water, and we are in the way. Sound paranoid? Perhaps a plot in a distopian “end of the world” novel? Well, right now we have and avowed socialist, a teflon coated criminal, a reality TV star, a Bush toadie, and an Ohio hanger-on as legitimate contenders for the presidency of this country. Reality is truly stranger than fiction!

  4. Jeff Quinn of Gunblast.com once stated in one of his YouTube videos that “Barack Obama” was the greatest gun salesman since Oliver Winchester”. I am inclined to agree…

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