Reason #1777 why my girlfriend is awesome

Barb sent me a text message today telling me she needed some help. She figured out where to store an item but it was too heavy and awkward for her to put it in the dead body storage area.

Yes. She discovered one of my pieces of furniture has a spot where you could easily store a dead body and didn’t miss a beat in recognizing it for what it was good for then found an alternative use for it since we don’t currently have any dead bodies without a storage location.

Isn’t that awesome?!

I suggested, and utilized, an alternate location to store the item so the dead body spot will be readily available for future use.


8 thoughts on “Reason #1777 why my girlfriend is awesome

  1. This post will come up at your trial.

    But you’re waaaaay past worrying about that, so rock on, Joe! :-})

  2. A friend will help you move a body.
    A good friend will help you plan where the bodies are going.

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