Boomershoot 2016 prep

I spent all day Saturday and Sunday morning at the Boomershoot site. The ground was a little wet in places but with just a couple days of sun it will be in fine shape. The daffodils Barb and transplanted almost three years ago look better than they did last year. Maybe I will transplant a few more sometime this summer. I would love to have the entire front of the shooting line berm covered in daffodils for Boomershoot each year.


I tested three different Wi-Fi antennas (you can see one of them which appears to be poking up out of my car in the picture above). I wasn’t happy with the one I had last year and I have replaced it. It gives coverage over a much greater area and gives faster download/upload rates as well. The only part of the shooting line without coverage with my cell phone are a few positions on the west end of the shooting line. If those people really want coverage I can put something up pretty quickly on the day of the event.


I put the target boxes on the shelves, cleaned off the target assembly tables, swept the floor, filled up the generator with gasoline, started it up (it started on the first pull!), filled up the spare gas cans, filled up the water barrel, and did a final inventory of all the target materials. I started to make some sample targets and found the ethylene glycol dispenser had a serious leak. Better now than we are trying to start full production! Barb picked up a replacement today.

I took the new rubber bands for holding the targets on the stakes to the Boomershoot Taj Mahal and cleaned up the scraps of foam insulation left over from when it was applied last summer.



On Sunday I made a ghetto ice chest out of a cardboard box and some 1.5” thick foam boards I had laying around:


That is for transportation and temporary storage of the dry ice we use to keep the targets cool between manufacture and use. They degrade and become inactive after a few days at normal temperatures. This process is slowed down at lower temperatures.

I think everything is ready for Boomershoot until the day before the event when we start pounding target stakes.

There is still time to sign up.


6 thoughts on “Boomershoot 2016 prep

  1. Good to know the dry ice worked out well enough to be an acceptable option for keeping things cool. Do you need another cooler full picked up again this year?

    • Kim and Jacob plan to pick up three coolers full on their (sort of) way to Boomershoot on Friday morning.

      Thanks for the offer.

  2. I’ve got a couple of small window air conditioner units that I could bring, if you can think of a way that could be useful. They are noisy, but might be a good way to chill the targets down after the heatshrink step in a big box outside so you don’t burn up the dry ice so quickly. Just a thought.

    • I don’t think so. I measured the temperature rise of the Boomerite at the cardboard interface from the heat shrink step. It was less than 1 F. The outside temperature is typical in the 50s or 60s and I don’t think the A/C units will be much cooler than that. I’ll take the target to the Taj within about three hours (max) of when they were manufactured. The Taj will have the dry ice and is insulated so I think any advantage gained by the A/C units would be negligible and a pretty big hassle.

      Thanks for the offer though.

  3. That is very encouraging for the site conditions. I really do not want to shoot in the snow! The poor daffodils will never know what hit them in two weeks!

    Can’t wait to get there!

    • The weather for Boomershoot is unpredictable this far out. We could still have snow. I’ll send email to everyone a week or so before the event when the forecasts are starting to be plausible.

      The daffodils get a lot of muzzle blast but they seem to survive it just fine.

      We still need to chat some more about your entry. Please see the last email I sent you and get back to me when you have a chance.

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