It’s about the money… right

Dan Gross of the Brady Campaign spins his false narrative again:

Make no mistake, this is a disgusting, morally depraved marketing campaign,” Dan Gross, the organization’s president, said in a statement. “The NRA continues to stoop to new lows in the hopes of shoving guns into America’s youngest hands. If nothing else, this approach demonstrates just how desperate the organization has become to sell more guns — it must now advertise deadly weapons to kids by perverting childhood classics with no regard whatsoever for the real life carnage happening every day.

To be frank, it’s pathetic.

No, Mr. Gross, your deliberate lies are pathetic. This isn’t NRA marketing. The NRA doesn’t sell guns. The NRA is a civil rights organization representing private citizens. It does not directly represent manufacturers or sellers of firearms.

But Gross is smart enough to recognize the truth will be ineffective in advancing his agenda. So, he does what he has to do. He lies.


4 thoughts on “It’s about the money… right

  1. joe:

    if posting a link to my blog is inappropriate, please take this down. but, the link is to an article that shows that gun violence is going down in the u.s., and has been within the parameters of the study from 1990 to present. .

    not that gun control types care much about fact (they rather ignore fact most of the time, and go with professed “good intentions,” e.g., save us from ourselves), but, it may be of some use to understand that gun violence goes down even as gun ownership goes up.

    john jay

  2. “…shoving guns into America’s youngest hands.”

    Shoving = forcing violently. This is one of countless examples demonstrating that authoritarians perceive liberty as compulsion, as force, as an obstacle, an injustice. It isn’t fair. Why should libertarians get what they want while authoritarians are held in check? It isn’t equitable.

    Given that Progressivism has been truly shoved upon America’s youth via public education over the last 100 years (compulsory education, funded coercively) we can see who is doing the shoving.

    They’re only pissed because they can’t shove harder, farther, faster, because Americans were promised at the founding that their rights would be respected. That Promise has never been truly fulfilled, but we still understand it and remember it. Progressives would have it erased from history.

  3. I wonder what this lying bastard would say about Oleg Volk’s many excellent photos of young shooters.

  4. and in the middle and at the bottom of every Brady blood dancing email promoting their ‘successes’ from 20 yrs ago are links begging for money.

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