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  1. Actually, per the reasoning in the Miller decision, the right to own a machine gun is clearly a critical part of the 2nd Amendment.

  2. Call me suspicous but somehow I doubt said person is talking about the NFA or the Hughes amendment to the FOPA.

    And instead is demanding that guns said person *calls* machine guns should be banned.

    And even if they were talking about machine guns… well that puts lie to said person’s, very likely stance, that they’d be happy with UBCs and registration. Given that the NFA made those things mandatory for said machine guns…

  3. friends:

    personally, i think an rpd in 6.8mm remington spc would be fun. i’d like a burst fire feature of about 4 rounds per trigger pull. (and, an extra couple inches wouldn’t hurt, either. laughing.)

  4. There have been a number of penis enhancement products advertized in recent years (one cannot have missed them) but I have not seen machineguns among them.

    This begs the question of military use; do the various militaries of the world strive to increase penis sizes by using machineguns? If so, who’s penises; the shooters’ or the shootees’? Or both?

    The over-arching issue in this Markley’s Law business is that weapons and violence, or thoughts thereof, apparently bring to some people’s minds the thought of sex, or sexual arousal. This is a disturbing subject, yet there appears to be a real connection as these references are so common.

    • Is the connection that these defective people have those feelings themselves? Or is it simply that they have absorbed and believe the myth that Freud said this? (In fact, he said just the opposite.)

  5. I have known several women who enjoyed shooting on full auto, when they could get it.

    What part of their anatomy was supposed to grow?

  6. “…anyway, no one needs a machine gun,…”
    Don’t confuse needs with wants. I can have one (ref. 2nd. ammend.) even if I don’t need one.

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