Selective reporting

For some reason this portion of the latest gun control study has not been well publicized in the media:

According to the study, gun dealer licensing, dealer state record reporting requirements, dealer police inspections, gun owner fingerprinting, closing of the “gun show loophole,” ammunition purchaser recordkeeping, child handgun restrictions, child access laws, juvenile handgun purchases, magazine bans, and may-issue carry permits, have little to no effect on firearm-related deaths. Further, their results show, semi-auto bans, firearms locks, “bulk purchase limitations,” and mandatory theft reporting, increase firearm-related deaths.

The media did report on the laws which they think should be passed:

According to their calculations, implementing these laws throughout the U.S. – not just on the state level – could reduce gun-related deaths 80 percent. Broken down by each law, that would be a decrease of 84 percent for firearm identification, 61 percent for universal background checks for purchasing guns and 82 percent for ammunition background checks.

I wonder why?

H/T Sebastian.


2 thoughts on “Selective reporting

  1. the explanation is simple. the media are liars, w/ a liar’s agenda. to deceive.

    buy guns. buy ammo. practice, so that you can hit something when you need to.

    john jay

  2. If you add up all the decreases, gang members would be starting Boys Clubs and donating to Kiwanis

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