Quote of the day—Wayne LaPierre

I simply and honestly proposed that our schools, our children, should be protected at least as much as our jewelry stores or banks or stadiums, and maybe the Oscars in Hollywood the other night. The national news media savaged me. What parent wouldn’t feel safer dropping their kids off at school with a police car parked out front?

The political and media elites set their hair on fire. Screaming and screeching, they called me just about every evil, nasty name in the book. But in state legislatures and school districts all over the country, the American people began implementing what I proposed, placing trained, armed security in their schools. They didn’t wait for the president or Congress to act. They took matters into their own hands to protect their children.

As a result, millions of our children go to school today, no longer the sitting ducks of the worst and most dangerous of all lies – gun-free zones. The news media, protected by their own armed security, will never admit it, but today, millions of children are safer for one reason: the NRA. The overwhelming majority of Americans agree with the simple truth that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. The politicians and the media be damned!

Wayne LaPierre
March 3, 2016
NRA chief tells Hillary Clinton to ‘bring it on’ in gun control fight
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


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  1. I’ve been a school-house cop since August 2003, when our sheriff instituted a School Resource Officer program. In our little semi-rural parish in Central Louisiana, we have a fully certified deputy assigned to each school in the parish. Every school, including private and parochial has a deputy. We’re there to keep the peace, work with the administration, and be a positive influence.

    Initially, there was some push-back against the program, but after just a year or so, the people saw the benefits. We’re there for the safety of everyone. We don’t get involved in discipline issues, we don’t set policy, we’re simply there to keep people safe. (Yes, we do make arrests when necessary).

    • I prefer a carry pistol. Cops are too heavy, they don’t fit in my holster, and can seldom be there when needed most.

  2. Excellent quote!

    It has been a long, bitter slog, but the NRA spokesman isn’t calling for stricter enforcement of existing gun laws as the The Answer. Either enough people had to die, or the rank-and-file membership finally got through to the leadership, to convince them that a principled and logical argument is a real argument.

    Or were they convinced? Fighting against legal restrictions as violations of the second amendment and then calling for their rigorous enforcement after they’ve passed must go down in the history books as one of the dumbest (or intentionally destructive) moves any organization could make and I’d bet LaPierre was one of them making it.

    I’m all in favor of this apparent “New NRA” but I cannot deny having a memory. Having been married to an alcoholic for some years, I recognize the concepts of full admission and contrition as being critically important to making a turn-around. I haven’t seen a lot of either in this case. One is given to wonder then; who were their reformers and when did the big change-of-heart take place officially, or is this a temporary, narrowly focused, tactical position subject to change?

    • This is why I preferred the JPFO, at least earlier on. I haven’t yet convinced myself that under its present ownership it still deserves support.

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