Quote of the day—Robert Rotberg

We’re not taking anything away. We’re strengthening the rights of Lexingtonians to be secure in their private houses and less fearful of people spraying bullets at them.

Robert Rotberg
Founding director of Harvard Kennedy School’s Program on Intrastate Conflict and Town Meeting member
March 8, 2016
Lexington debates proposal to ban semi-automatic weapons
[What this guy wants:

the proposal seeks to ban any semi-automatic rifle or handgun that has a removable magazine capable of holding 10 or more rounds. It also seeks to ban any magazine that holds 10 or more rounds.

And he claims, “We’re not taking anything away. We’re strengthening the rights of Lexingtonians…”?

Gun banners lie because it’s the only way they can win.

And don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


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  1. Ah, the irony. This is Lexington, home of the Shot Heard around the World. Massachusetts sure has sunk very deep indeed.

  2. “Ask not whether your neighbor should spray your house with bullets, ask how many bullets your house should be sprayed with before your neighbor reloads.” — JFK

    The limit, though, on how many bullets you’re allowed to spray your neighbor’s house with before reloading only applies to those who make the conscious choice to obey the law. Law breakers will of course have any sort of weapons they want for use in their house-spraying activities.

    What if your neighbor’s house needs to be sprayed with 100 bullets and you only have nine cartridges in your rifle? You’ll need to keep a dozen loaded rifles at hand then, if you decide to be legal.

    This could make for some good story problems in elementary math classes;
    “1. Johnny must spray his neighbor’s house with 100 bullets to save his family from certain death by torture, but his sporter rifle holds only nine cartridges. He starts with a full magazine. How many times must Johnny reload his rifle to save his family?

    “2. The criminals next door to Johnny’s family have rifle magazines holding 100 cartridges each. It normally takes Johnny twenty seconds to reload the nine-round capacity magazine in his rifle, but while under fire from next door it takes him thirty seconds. Assuming equal rates of fire, how much longer will it take for Johnny to spray his 100 rounds, compared to one criminal’s 100 rounds?”

  3. “We’re not taking anything away….”

    … except for the things we are.

    With “Progressives”, every day is Opposite Day.

  4. “We’re not taking anything away. We’re strengthening the rights of Lexingtonians to be secure in their private houses and less fearful of people spraying bullets at them.”
    -Robert Rotberg

    “The bad news delivered by the telescreen was that the chocolate ration would be reduced from 30 grams to 20 grams at the start of the following week. Later on in the Ministry of Truth as Winston was correcting information for The Times, it was revealed that the Ministry of Plenty had some time back issued a categorical pledge that there would be no further reduction of chocolate rations during that year. Ironically, one day later, demonstrations were held in praise of Big Brother for increasing the chocolate ration to twenty grams. Winston was stunned at how mindless everyone else seemed to be for forgetting in just a span of twenty four hours that the ration had actually been decreased and not increased.”
    -George Orwell, 1984

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      Sorry about that.

      • I thought I was losing my mind, or had some kind of bizarre malware infection on my computer. 🙂 Thanks Joe.

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  7. I am curious as to how many houses in Lexington received *any* bullets in the past year, let lone the number of houses that sustained more than one bullet strike.

    Just what is a *spray of bullets*, anyway?
    Is that similar to “a gaggle of geese” or “a flock of seagulls”?

    How many projectiles in a spray?
    Do they speak English in What?


    • I think it’s similar to the spray of flowers that you get from one of those assault florists.

  8. The rapist isn’t really taking all of her virginity. She begged to be left alone, and seeing her point of view he compromised and only stuck it half-way in, thus giving her an opportunity to render aid in his time of romantic emergency while keeping half her honor intact.

    • I remember a discussion in Law School where the victim’s plea to “at least wear a condom” was presented as evidence of consent, because the rapist complied with that request.

      • Mencken (in a quote about enforcing the Constitution) described lawyers as “men professionally trained in finding plausible excuses for dishonest and dishonorable acts.” You just quoted a perfect proof of that statement.

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