That was interesting

Barb and I were out running errands this morning and we stopped at Walmart to pick up what I think is the last remaining components for Boomershoot targets (we should have also picked up some rubber bands but I’ll get those sometime this week during lunch). As we were approaching the checkout counter I told Barb, “This is sure a strange combination of stuff. I wonder if they will notice and say something.”

People noticed. They said things:

Clerk : What are you going to use all that <baking component> for?

I hesitated and thought about it for a second or two. He was still ringing stuff up and I hadn’t paid for it yet. If I told him the truth it could delay our departure. Before I could decide what to do he continued:

Clerk (with a smirk on his face): Are you going to use it with the anti-freeze?
Guy in line behind me: With all that anti-freeze, you could make quite the <dessert component>.
Joe (addressing the clerk with a big smile): Actually, I am going to use them together. I make explosives with them.
Clerk: Excuse me?
Joe: I use them to make explosives.

The clerk’s hand froze in midair over the keypad and the smile on the face of guy in line behind me disappeared into blank, ashen colored, stare.

I continued:

Joe: I have a license to make high explosives. I put on a shooting event each year with exploding targets. People come from all over the country to shoot at them.
Clerk: Where do you do this at?
Joe: Idaho.
GILBM: You come all the way over to Washington buy this?
Joe: I live over here but put the event on in Idaho because I need a lot of land and tolerant neighbors. I have the property and the right neighbors over there.
Clerk (hands moving again): Oh. I was thinking maybe Mount Index.
Joe: Nope.

I finished paying for the components then Barb and I quickly loaded up the car and left before the cops could get there.


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    • I know. But I get very uncomfortable being dishonest or deceptive (except when I’m playing a joke on, or participating in a surprise event for, someone and then it is only for a short time). And I sometimes find it kind of fun to shock people with the whole guns and explosives thing. Barb and I get a good laugh out of it as we walk away.

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