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We need to remove all guns from our society other than those used by police and other authorized government agents.

The time for the wild wild west has long ago left us.  We need to allow our Constitution to be adapted to prohibit gun ownership by all private citizens.  Only then will our streets again be safe for our children.

March 1, 2016
Comment to Gun safety groups plan caucus push to promote background checks
[At least they recognize the Second Amendment is blocking their goal and they need to change it before proceeding.

Just don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


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  1. Yes, because that strategy has worked so well in Europe! They indeed do have crap for brains!

    • But it has worked well in Europe. One need only understand the difference between the stated and the actual objectives to see that.

  2. Safe without guns… because criminals always obey the law, and nobody was ever hurt by swords, rocks, bats, ass jawbones, strong young men, or a staff….

    Yeah, right…. The stupid/ignorance is strong with this one.

  3. So much derp. The “Wild West” of her imagination only existed in movies. From there her knowledge of the subject goes down.

    • The towns of the ‘wild west’ weren’t all that wild.
      And Northfield Minnesota, Coffeyville Kansas and a few other less well known towns proved that citizens wouldn’t put up with much as well.

      Interesting how Holllllllywood has done so much to influence the weak minded.

      Oh and the “only police” bit?

      Yes, only the police should have guns so they can be the ones selling them to criminals.

      • It always struck me as significant that today, over 100 years after Butch and Sundance met their end in Bolivia, we know the names of the guy fighters and murderers in the west, from Jesse James and John Wesley Hardin, to Elmer McCurdy, the train robber whose embalmed corpse ended up as a mannequin in the Pike at Long Beach California. The gun fighters and murderers who populated such garden spots as Hell’s Kitchen in New York, where the police did not enter in groups of fewer than four, are unknown to popular history.

  4. I can’t find the reference right now, but there’s an interesting article somewhere that compares the mid-1800s murder rate in Leadville, CO with that of New Bedford, MA. Both working class towns. Apparently, Leadville, right in the middle of the “wild west” was vastly safer than New Bedford. The main difference between the two places is that in Leadville, going about armed was normal and routine, while in New Bedford it was not.
    On an unrelated topic, repealing the 2nd amendment would not change the natural right to self defense and the right to be armed. The Federalists knew this — they argued that the Bill of Rights was redundant. You can find that point in the Cruikshank decision, too.

    • No! He used a fully automatic M-16 in that massively powerful 5.56mm that you don’t aim, you just point it in the general direction and spray bullets all over.

  5. Fortunately, we do have a couple of good active groups in Minnesota to push back against these Bloomberg funded lobbyists. It does require vigilance at every session of the Legislature.

  6. Two things:

    1. The obligatory, “…for our children.” rings hollow every time since every liberal group I know of adores abortion.
    2. “We need to allow our Constitution to be adapted…” is why we have the amendment process. Put up or shut up! You’ll find most Americans are just fine with the Constitution as written and as noted, eliminating it would only allow the federal government to pass the very laws that it has in place unConstitutionally now.

  7. The hilarious part is this: “We need to allow our Constitution to be adapted to prohibit gun ownership by all private citizens.”

    It’s like they don’t even know there is a defined process to do precisely that.

    • Well, yeah, because they aren’t just blindingly stupid about this subject, but how things work in general. They’ll also say stupid things like “make the wealthy pay their fair share” and “healthcare is a human right” without any clue as to how stupid that is, but also without any idea of how such a thing could be accomplished. More so, if they did take the time to imagine it getting done, they have no idea of the consequences of such a thing.

      It reminds me of the old Monty Python skit where the “experts” tell you how to do things.

      Yeah, just like that.

    • A problem that they don’t anticipate is that removing any of the original BoR’s, and especially the 2nd, automatically triggers some of the original 13 states to leave the US. Written into their state constitutions, as a means to prevent the US from regressing to the level of problems they had with Britain.

      Whether those states would follow their own rules is an unknown area.

      An additional question is if the changes made after the resolution of the Great Unpleasantness of the 1860’s would negate this. Since they were not party to the rebellion, this may not apply.

      • The bill of rights is like a restraining order to these people.
        Just paper.

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