The Gun State

Interesting. Idaho is state most dependent on gun industry, report finds:

Idaho depends more on the gun industry than any other state, according to a study by the financial website WalletHub. Idaho ranked No. 1 among states and the District of Columbia based on firearms industry activity in the state, gun ownership and overall prevalence, and gun politics — specifically, contributions by gun control and gun rights groups to members of Congress.

Idaho, The Gun State*. I could live with that.

* Idaho’s official nickname is The Gem State.


5 thoughts on “The Gun State

  1. I’m really not sure about that study. Apparently NH has lower gun ownership than MA with its really draconian gun laws? Really? And only just above NJ? Really? That does not compute, given that NH gun laws are close to the most liberal (classical sense of the word) in the nation.

    If the numbers are absolute rather than per capita, then I could understand it.

    But then that calls into question the ranking itself because CA, being a large population state, should be near the top, and not AK, which has a population smaller than Manchester, NH.

    I’ll add this to things that don’t pass the smell test.

    Edited to add – We go have more machine guns per capita than anyone else apparently.
    By extension you would think that might just carry through to the rest of the population, wouldn’t you?

    • Since the ability to edit has timed out I’ll reply to myself. Talking to myself is just like being married …

      NH was ninth in the country for NICS checks per capita in 2012 ( Yeah, it’s the daily beast but the numbers make more sense to me.

      I’d like to note we are also the home of Sig-Sauer and Ruger, and are ahead of Idaho at #12 in NICS checks per capita. Sadly, that counts for naught when faced with the awesomeness of the home of the Boomershoot. ID still comes out ahead, natch.


      • I treat gun ownership numbers with extreme suspicion. For one thing, people who use them often have axes to grind. For another, they may just be guessing, due to the absence of real data. For example, on a slightly different but related question, if you want to know about percentage of the people who are CC permit holders, NH won’t show up with a meaningful answer because the state, by law, must keep the CC permit lists secret, and they take that sufficiently seriously that they refuse to disclose even the number of people on that list.
        While NICS checks may have some correlation, probably positive, with the number of gun owners, there is no good reason to believe that one is at all a good proxy for the other.

    • Thieves and thugs are lazy and mean. In an armed society the stupid ones end up with lead poisoning and in prison, (much wiser for the experience), or better yet, dead… The smarter ones move on, to “gun free zones” where the pickings are easy and safe. It’s hard to feel much compassion for sheeple who ‘vote in’ “gun free zones” around themselves. The criminals just snicker at their laws, but the sheeple “feel” safer. lol

      Apologies for the off topic comment.

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