17 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Joe College (@newguy42)

  1. What is it with these people and wieners? Does his wife/girlfriend/significant other have an assault wiener too?

  2. He can’t spell, either. I guess he must come from one of those modern socialist colleges where knowledge is not a subject considered valid.

  3. Actually, it’s not about “Need” it’s about rights. I don’t believe he has a Constitutional right to keep and bear wieners. And, even if he did, his 3-inch wiener might be classified as a Saturday Night Special, and subject to additional scrutiny (and likely derision.)

  4. I thought the sexual revolution was supposed to relieve men such as him of anxiety that penis size had anything to do with success in life.

  5. Once again; if a weapon is a penis replacement, then a penis is a weapon. The leftist mind is a very disturbed and dangerous mind.

    • Don’t forget that a shocking number of leftists — especially modern feminists — honestly believe that there are two types of men: convicted rapists, and uncaught rapists. Or, put another way: men who have raped, and men who haven’t … yet.

      Thus the “penis is a weapon” line is probably valid in their minds (which I’ll agree, are “very disturbed and dangerous”).

      • The one saving grace is that people with such minds (speaking loosely here) are not all that likely to breed.

  6. For the record, I AM compensating for my penis whenever I carry a gun.

    I am compensating for the fact that my penis can’t shoot 125 grain lead projectiles at 1500 feet per second.

  7. Should review appropriate tool selection. Shop class would have been a revelation. Sorry about that modern education. Sortof.

    • Really?

      This is the best you can add to the conversation?

      Regardless, your assertion of a correlation between brain size and the right to arms is fallacious. That means that it is false.

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